Autumn Trends That Arrived to Stay

Although they have resisted some weeks, the low temperatures have come to stay this autumn, which can make us find a closet full of summer dresses and season clothing, but  the adequate to not be cold. Although the tendencies are for all bodies, it is undeniable that some look better than others, especially thin people, if you want to be from the group of people that everything looks good you can use the slow option, exercise, or fast option a weight loss surgery with A Slimmer Me Tijuana Mexico.

So that the change of season does not catch you by surprise, we give you some keys that will make it easier for you to have hanging on the hangers of your wardrobe long pants, jackets, sweaters or coats and all the clothes that are trend in this new autumn season- winter.

If these days you go shopping, you will see that many of them have the so-called ‘mid season sales’, in which brands offer discounts of up to 50% on some of their products.

Animal Print

There is no doubt that the revolution of shop windows this season has been the ‘animal print’. This trend, which is based on wearing animal print on any garment you can imagine, has flooded the stores. Although the leopard is the predominant, others like the snake, cow and zebra are increasingly present in ‘bikers’, shoes, bags or lingerie tops.

Military boots

The military style will continue to be strong this season, and, in this way, the ‘combat boots’ are the indispensable trend for this fall. It is a timeless basic of a more casual and informal nature, designed for very different situations that can be combined with a dress on sunny days and can also become your biggest ally on rainy days.

There are for all tastes and styles, and you will be able to find a wide variety in almost all brands.

Day sequins

No need to wait for Christmas and celebrations to incorporate sequins in your looks. Recycling sequins during the rest of the year has become a must for going to work, going out to dinner or even more informal events.

Previously, garments with brightness were limited to the night and now, combined with some basic, are also included in day looks.

Brown color

The most sought-after hair color this season is the ‘cold brew’, also called cold coffee. It is not a color in itself, but it has the inspiration of golden and brown tones that reflect the color combination of this hot drink.

This range of shades fits any type of hair and texture, and you can adapt it to your taste, from shades more golden to more reddish.


Cuidado Con Las Várices

Si sientes dolor intenso, hinchazón o calambres en tus piernas, podrías padecer de Insuficiencia Venosa Crónica (IVC), que se presenta cuando las venas tienen problemas para retornar la sangre hasta el corazón, lo cual puede tener graves consecuencias clínicas. Aunque no tener varices es la meta de cualquier mujer también hay algunas que son igual de importantes como ir con tu dentista Dr. Mexico.
El especialista en trastornos del sistema venoso explicó que el cuadro clínico de la IVC se distingue cuando el paciente sufre dolor, pesadez en las piernas y aparecen várices en diversos grados, así como hinchazón en tobillos, y una coloración “ocre” o celulitis en la piel, porque la IVC provoca que las paredes de las venas estén debilitadas y las válvulas dañadas lo cual genera que (las venas) permanezcan llenas de sangre que no fluye correctamente, especialmente al estar mucho tiempo de pie.
Gran parte de la población labora durante varias horas de pie o sentada, y cualquiera de las dos son condiciones que pueden provocar que las piernas se sientan pesadas y cansadas, síntomas asociados a la IVC. “De acuerdo con el estudio Vein Consult (2009), la incidencia reportada de IVC es del 67.8 por ciento en la población total, con un promedio de 47.7 años, y es en las mujeres en quienes se presenta con mayor frecuencia”.
El médico especialista en angiología y cirugía vascular, detalló que algunos factores de riesgo son, además de ser mujer, tener sobrepeso u obesidad, sedentarismo, edad avanzada, embarazo, algunas terapias anticonceptivas o de reemplazo hormonal, así como por condiciones hereditarias, y aclaró que también los hombres pueden desarrollar várices.
Ante ello recomendó acudir a un especialista en cuanto aparezcan los primeros síntomas de la formación de várices, toda vez que existen medidas de prevención como es el uso de medias de compresión graduadas que mejoran la tensión y circulación venosa.
Existen diversas opciones en el mercado de medias de compresión, no todas son del material, graduación y diseño necesarios.

Signs That Reveal That You’re Not a Young Girl

Life is full of cycles, some cheerful, others stormy, some with more grief than glory, but all full of learning.

Sometimes they are difficult to notice because of the excess of work that you have, so here we leave some signs that indicate that you are already an adult.

1.- You start worrying about the expenses. Do you remember your first job? It did not matter what you spent your salary, now the fortnight comes and you start doing accounts. Since you are bigger and you have to worry about your expenses and your health if you have a strange pain in a tooth you have to go with your dentist for a root canal in Tijuana with Via Dental.

2.- The children call you ma’am. Of course it is not to our liking, but the reality is that they also do it in the transport or in the store.

3.- Form a family. The thought of having children terrified you, but now they do not seem like such an unpleasant idea

4.- You worry more about others. “Send me message when you arrive”, “Do you call me?”, “Are you okay?” If any of these questions sound like you, we can confirm that you are growing.

5.- You feel the greatest in all the parties. After 25, the options to go out and have fun are reduced considerably, and almost all the other girls are younger than you at parties.

6.- The body does not resist the same. The raw ones every time they feel more severe or of plane they do not make you want to drink.

7.- You start to be interested in decorations and furniture for the home. As the years go by, the home section of shopping centers becomes terribly attractive to us.

8.-You start to take care of your diet. You know that if you exceed fat, fat; if you eat a lot spicy you will not endure gastritis; if you eat sweet things you run the risk of suffering from diabetes like your grandparents; If you eat salt, you may have pressure problems. In short, food is one of the issues that most concern you today.

9.- The people on television are younger than you. Surely, when you were a teenager, you saw Adela Noriega, Daniela Castro, Ludwika Paleta, Fernando Colunga, Jorge Salinas, Sergio Sendel, Segio Basañez, among others as the protagonists of the telenovelas. Now, when you turn on the TV you do not know any.

10.- Having an apartment and car is no longer a luxury, now it is a necessity.

Fatal Errors of Microblading

It is a trend and the truth is that the result is spectacular. You get perfectly designed eyebrows and with such 3D effect that no one will believe that they are not yours. But although this semi-permanent makeup has become very fashionable and its advantages are many, it is very important to know in whose hands you are putting your eyebrows. Maybe what you really need to increase your beauty is a beautiful smile, it is less risky and more durable with ProDent for teeth whitening Tijuana, everyone will notice your white smile.

That’s why today we wanted to ask Aroa Macía, the microblading expert at the Carmen Navarro centers, everything we should consider before deciding.

If you do not want to end with rainbow eyebrows, take care with the pigment
The one that must be used is approved and have the corresponding health records. Ask them to show you these pigments or tell you the brand they are going to use. They should always come in monodose of 2 or 3 milliliters, which guarantees their sterility. But in addition to being a health issue, it is fundamental if you do not want to end with blue or orange eyebrows as has traditionally happened with the technique of micropigmentation. Being a superficial technique, after a few months the color that was initially brown turns blue. Do not trust who uses black color because it is forbidden within the microblading technique.

Your eyebrows frame you, but do not leave a picture made
It is essential that you perform a correct eyebrow design before starting the treatment. If they do not, you can end up with a result that spoils your expression or that does not fit your face. Authentic professionals have tools to make this design and must show it before starting treatment.

Do not trust offers and prices that are too cheap
It is easy to find people on the internet and social networks who travel even to your home and charge for microblading at a great price, including the displacement and retouching that must be done after a month. It is materially impossible if you are using approved and professional materials. In such a specific and delicate treatment, you can not risk it.

Do not get micropigmentation by microblading
Many women end up asking for help because of the result, because they were literally deceived. Both techniques work the design of eyebrows, but evidently their modus operandi is different. Only microblading is done by hand and achieve a natural result with 3D effect.

Get informed and ask all the necessary questions
Get informed before choosing the right place. Look for places of reference and if the professional is an expert in eye design and especially in microblading, the better. You should know that anyone, although not a professional in the sector, can get a degree with a course of only 2 days. This is something that should make you reflect. Do not forget that small cuts are made in your eyebrow to deposit the pigment. It is a technique that looks as natural as possible. Getting an eyebrow with 3D effect requires a lot of dexterity. If you do not put yourself in the right hands, you can make a mistake that you will regret. You have to trace hair by hair and know in which direction to do it so that there is no comic eyebrow.

Having said that, you should know that a retouch is always done after a month and that after a year it is advisable to make a revision to get your eyebrows with the desired effect. With time, the pigment disappears and we would have the original eyebrow again. Who cares if it hurts, it is true that it bothers, but it is something completely bearable. The first days it is recommended not to sunbathe and 100% pure Vaseline is used to heal better.

Prepara tu Beauty salon

En caso de que desee que su spa y salón logren el éxito, debe mantener el liderazgo de otros salones y spas exitosos. Si bien el suyo es suyo, puede modificarlo y adaptarlo a medida que vea el salón de belleza, el spa y los clientes que desean ciertos atributos en los establecimientos habituales. Independientemente de su clientela o los costos de los suyos, su salón de belleza y su spa deberían tener cosas en común con cualquier otro spa y salón; o bien, no puedes esperar igualar la competencia.

Personal dotado
Su spa y salón debe contar con personal altamente capacitado y con experiencia. Esto no sugiere que cada trabajador deba ser un veterano de la empresa, a menos que, obviamente, pueda encontrar el dinero para un personal de esa calidad desde el principio. Más bien, emplee una combinación de personas más veteranos con mucha menos experiencia. Los miembros menos experimentados del personal pueden recoger secretos comerciales de usted y de los compañeros de trabajo de ellos, a pesar de que los empleados con más experiencia ofrecen al salón suyo una buena reputación y el talento que tiene para prosperar.

Tranquilizador estético
Ninguna persona va al spa en busca de un ambiente emocionante y de alta energía. Los spas y los salones se crean para que los compradores se relajen y se relajen mientras se concentran en la apariencia de los suyos y en el bienestar psicológico, así como la apariencia de la compañía suya debe reflejar eso. El negocio tuyo debe ser constantemente limpio y sanitario, el mobiliario de Mundo del Estilista es más cómodo y los esquemas de color son relajantes. Puede personalizar cada elemento de su spa y salón para inspirar confort y placer a sus clientes, que es justo lo que están buscando.

Gama de servicios Tanto los salones como los spas son atractivos para los clientes ya que son convenientes: pueden comprar una cantidad de servicios en un solo lugar. En caso de que lo único en lo que desea concentrarse es en realidad hacer uñas, entonces simplemente puede abrir un estudio de uñas de los pies. Los spas y salones, por otro lado, tienden a ser más flexibles. Ofrecen otros servicios, masajes, manicuras, pedicuras, tratamientos faciales, maquillaje o cabello que los clientes pueden comprar a la carta o en paquetes. Proporcione a sus clientes mucho para elegir y seleccionar para que regresen por aquellos de la belleza de ellos, así como el ocio debe tener.

Sentido de la identidad No todos los salones ni los spas son en realidad iguales, incluso en el caso de que tengan cosas que sean ciertas en común. Tanto su spa como su salón de belleza tendrán su propio sentido de identidad para distinguirlo de la competencia. Por ejemplo, puede optar por ofrecer incentivos, ofertas especiales y ofertas de manera frecuente para que los clientes regresen nuevamente por un buen precio. Por otro lado, puede proporcionar servicios de alto precio para atender a las personas que desean exclusividad. También puede seleccionar servicios específicos como otros métodos y Botox estará a la venta en compañía suya. La forma en que desarrollas el negocio tuyo se muestra en la publicidad de su clientela y en el éxito de sus productos.

Fashion catwalks and music merge

There are things that will never go out of fashion like having a healthy white smile, many have seen excellent results by regularly visiting professional dentists like Tijuana Dental Studio. And apart from having the perfect smile now, everyone wants to have the perfect outfit when attending the most famous music festivals, and it is said that some even spend months of training to get the most sophisticated, seemingly careless, hyper-produced or extravagant outfits of the public of these events.

Music festivals have become a kind of catwalks where the common denominator is to leave nothing to the imagination. Anything goes to give promotion to the event, to oneself and to publicize the sponsoring brands crossing the borders of the purely musical.

Proof of this are the various photo galleries with which fashion magazines populate the digital realm to win the battle of the audience: that struggle whose reward is the profitability of content, the popularity in social networks and the diffusion of bloggers as Ad men and women sold to the highest bidder.

Under the umbrella of Coachella, old-school celebrities present their fashion credentials. With this festival, we go back into the clean, sexy hippie style loop with cut jeans, which could give us a break. Under these premises, year after year, Victoria’s Secret angels militate but, in each new edition, they are forced to share protagonism with the latest trends. Influencers of the new and consolidated batch, have done the same with the laureated return of the 90. In which the sports attire is seasoned with shorts and cocoon jeans, minimalist sunglasses, sports, gold jewelry, fanny packs, makeup in peach tones and braids or bows in the style of Gwen Stefani in No Doubt.

While the sun is the one that marks the outfit in Coachella, in other appointments like the English Glastonbury which this year will not be celebrated, the mud that forms with the rain does. As a result, Kate Moss made the Hunter boots the armor with which all trendy attendants had to equip their feet to enjoy the music and the place. Because, as Cecil Beaton said: fashion is a story in a series that never ends.

The new piece that conquered the fashion

If you have an event near you already have ready that dress you will wear and the shoes you will wear, but you still do not know what bag to wear, you can opt for the newest in the world of fashion: the round wallets, are the perfect combination for semi-formal dresses and in addition to attracting attention for its different form, also has other details that are equally colorful.

When it comes to fashion, there is nothing that prevents breaking patterns, rules, and forms. It is precisely this principle that allows one season after other designers can give free rein to their creativity.

For this spring-summer, the compliment that goes out of the traditional is the portfolio of rounded shape that was seen again and again on the catwalks of various parts of the world.

It is a piece that, in addi

Transparencies are playing a significant role in fashion designs. Some of the dressmakers only introduce them in the sleeves or on the backs, but others go further with the lace placed strategically and even grid at the neckline.

In recent years several firms have resorted to asymmetrical designs. For example, to opt only for a long or short sleeve or using different types of ruffles that play with the volume of the garment and the length, since it also bets to shorten the skirt.

If you want to look daring dresses, take their sexier side with open backs with different types of the neckline, as in ‘V’ or rounds that add this sensual and original touch to the design. The accessories are also an important point, and you can look for accessories with volume or more discreet depending on your style.

tion to attracting attention for its different form, also has other details that are equally eye-catching and all complement each other.

For this reason, you can select around portfolio with prints, messages, strong textures or ornaments such as tassels, fringes or chain handles.


Why Alpaca Sweaters are a Fashion Favorite for Men and Women

People care about fashion for many reasons. From looking and feeling great, to wearing something that is viewed as art, being fashionable helps you stand out and feel like a million bucks. But you don’t have to dig deep into your wallet to have an amazing look. When you buy alpaca sweaters for men and women from a reputable retailer, you will soon discover that alpaca clothing will be your new favorite addition to your wardrobe.

Alpaca Sweaters Offer Affordable Luxury

When most people think of luxurious sweaters, they tend to see visions of cashmere dancing in their heads. Alpaca sweaters are a favorite apparel choice for men and women because you still get that soft, high-end look while paying significantly less. When it comes to luxurious, affordable clothing, alpaca sweaters will make the perfect gift for both sexes.

Eco-Friendly Hearts Love Alpaca Sweaters

Men and women love alpaca sweaters because they promote a greener planet. Alpaca have soft hooves that tread very lightly on the ground. As a result, there is little to no wear and tear to the ground. Alpaca fibers are also farmed in a way to make sweaters that are kind to Mother Nature. Alpaca sweaters from Peru and Bolivia and farmed in traditional methods by hand in which no machines release toxins into the environment. Alpaca fiber is hand shorn then spun on a loom. Alpaca sweaters from Peru also come in natural colors, and no harmful element in the manufacturing process hurts the planet. This is one of many reasons why alpaca sweaters for women and men are so popular.

Alpaca Sweaters Support Sustainability and Heritage

Most alpaca sweaters from Peru and Bolivia come from family farms that have been running for hundreds of years, some even 1000 years. When you buy alpaca sweaters you help these families stemming from multiple generations to continue their art, help their communities thrive, and continue the beautiful tradition of making alpaca sweaters, the royal fibers of the Incas.

Alpaca Sweaters Come in Many Styles

Another reasons why alpaca sweaters are a fashion favorite for men is because they come in a number of patterns, cuts, textures and colors. From a gray zip-up cardigan men’s alpaca sweater, to a thigh-high alpaca coat for women, there are multiple looks one can achieve. This also means alpaca sweaters can be worn for any occasion. While some alpaca sweaters are ideal for formal events such as a fundraiser held at the opera, other alpaca sweaters are ideal for casual dinners out on the town or for wearing on that camping trip out to the cabin. You can even mix up alpaca sweater styles with colors. With the warming earth tones and faint lines of color in an alpaca pullover, to a baby alpaca sweater with a deep blue, any look is attainable.

Don’t Forget Alpaca Socks and Alpaca Gloves

Why stop at sweaters? Alpaca gloves are ideal accessories to wear with a sweater, and they also come in a number of looks. Alpaca fingerless gloves are especially popular with men and women and make for a cool look. Alpaca socks also offer warmth in the winter months yet can be worn in the summer because they breathe well.

The world of alpaca clothing offers an abundance of choices for men and women. Shop alpaca sweaters, and pick up a few accessories such as an alpaca shawl or beanie.