Bichectomy the fashion operation

Have you heard about bichectomy? This famous “surgery” has gained fame and many followers because in addition to presuming to be quite simple, it also achieves immediate results.

But what does it consist of? In the extraction of the Bichat balls (glands), by a minor surgical intervention. Basically they are a kind of fat pouch located on each cheek, below the cheekbones. Before the surgery go with your dental restorations in Tijuana so that after the surgery it will not be necessary to open your mouth too much, or that it would not help your recovery.

As with any intervention there are risks, so if you decide to resort to it, you will have to do it with a specialist. But what happens next? You must have a correct advice on this, and especially take into account that as you age the skin of the area could have negative effects.

The bichectomy or extraction of the Bichat balls is an operation that is fashionable nowadays, but that has existed for many years.

The operation consists of the extraction of the Bichat balls, glands of fatty tissue that are found on the cheeks, just below the cheekbones, and completely separated from other tissues.

These glands do not fulfill any specific function in adults, but only add volume to the area, making the face more rounded depending on its size and the shape of the person’s facial contour.

The extraction of the Bichat balls is an ambulatory process, that is, the patient can not go home finishing the surgery, which lasts approximately 30 to 40 minutes.

Days after the surgical procedure, it is normal for the face to swell and pain or slight bruising may occur. But, after 15 or 20 days, this decreases.

As with any intervention there are risks, so if you decide to resort to it, you will have to do it with a specialist.

You must take into account that as you age the skin of the area could have negative effects; Experts point out that one of the dangerous characteristics of this fashionable operation is premature aging, facial skeletonization (that the face takes on a “cavalier” aspect when losing weight) and even sagging, that is, the skin of that part becomes soft and drip.

As with any intervention there are risks, so if you decide to resort to it, you will have to do it with a specialist.

You must take into account that as you age the skin of the area could have negative effects; experts point out that one of the dangerous characteristics of this fashionable operation is premature aging, facial skeletonization (that the face takes on a “cavaristian” aspect when losing weight) and even sagging, that is, the skin of that part becomes
soft and drip.

The bichectomy is recommended for those people whose body proportion does not go according to their face, that is, they are very thin but their face is quite round.

If in spite of how dangerous the bichectomy can be after a few years you decide to do it, do not forget to put yourself in the hands of a true expert.

Remember that it is always valid to find a way to feel better with your body and your physical image, just as it is also healthy to learn to love and value yourself with the physical details that you can not change.

Best Hair Tools: Should I Buy a Hot Air Brush or a Flat Iron?

The science of hair tools has evolved by leaps and bounds in the last few years, and women all over America are starting to ask this question: what are the best hair tools for me?

When most people compare various hair tools in product battles, the two hair tools that get compared the most are the hot air brush and flat iron.

Hot air brushes are ideal for people who like to style dry damp hair and most have a round-shaped brush head ideal for creating volume by enhancing waviness in hairs and enhancing curls. Flat irons are primarily used for straightening hair. Using a flat iron hair tool allows women to straighten their hair in a timely manner. The high-quality the flat iron is, the more shine your hair will have with no crease lines. This is why shopping for hair tools like the best flat iron for natural hair and a hot air brush from a high-quality brand is extremely important for women to achieve their beauty goals in an affordable manner.

Do I Need a Ceramic Flat Iron?

Ceramic flat irons are typically viewed as the best quality hair tools because they do the least amount of damage to your hair. However, there are women ceramic flat irons that prevent the same level of damage, while giving the same high-quality style and shine.

Professional-grade ceramic flat irons for hair produce negative ions and seal in moisture with infrared heat as one straightens their hair. However, woven ceramic gives the same protection, at a fraction of the cost. And professional salons use these hair tools! Now you can save time and money by using a high-quality flat iron with woven ceramic plates, the same hair tools in the best salons, and get your desired look all from the convenience of your home at an affordable one-time price as opposed to making repeat salon visits that cost a small fortune.

Expert Tips on Hair Straighteners

When using a flat iron, be sure to use the correct straightening technique to maximize the hair tool’s abilities. Also be sure you are applying the right hair treatments before and after you straighten your hair with a flat iron. This will keep your hair perfectly straight all day long, keep it safe from damage, and give it a healthy shine that will turn heads from that first cup of morning coffee, to your night out on the town. The right flat iron hair straightener will keep your hair looking amazing all day long, and you don’t need to pay hundreds of dollars for such a tool. Woven ceramic plates offer the same look and feel, at a fraction of the cost.


There are many clinics offering low cost braces in tijuana mexico, which help in aligning our teeth back to their shape to great extent. These braces are basically made in such a manner that they would push that area of your dental structure which would shape them better. Braces in Mexico are not very expensive and should be applied at an early teenager age. This age group is very suitable as at this point of time the dental structure is quite soft and immature and can be molded easily. Although braces can be applied at a bigger age also, but for best results teenager is the best age. Braces some in various forms and are customized as per your teeth. They are designed as per the pressure we want to put on the teeth and from which direction. Make sure to consult with your dental professional before deciding on which particular dental treatment to get.

For more major dental work many people have to bare the cost themselves by digging deep into their pockets and for those who can qualify, many tijuana dentists provide financing. Then there is a large number of people that will simply ignore serious problems until they can no longer do so. Let’s face it, a visit to the dentist can be expensive.

Tips For Not Choosing The Wrong Masseuse

When you need a dental treatment for example dental implants Tijuana, you try to go with the best dentist specialized in dental implants in the city because you know that it is something very important and must be well done. Well, your skin is also essential, so below we give you the advice to choose the best masseuse or spa, so you avoid infections or other problems.

A professional massage should be done on a conditioned stretcher or a professional chair. But the towel on the sand is never a recommendable situation. It is an irregular surface due to the mounds of sand on which the towels extend. Body manipulation in these conditions increases the risk of injury.

Given the irregularity of the terrain, which makes some muscles have to work more than others to maintain posture, a body that has been lying on the sand for some time has muscle fatigue. In such conditions, an intense massage given by a non-professional on a tired muscle can cause serious injuries.

False professionals without qualifications or knowledge
We put ourselves in the hands of people who lack any degree and therefore no knowledge of human anatomy, at least as to give this type of massage, which tends to be very intensive. They apply the pressure on the muscles without any knowledge, and if the member they manipulate has some type of injury previously, this is likely to worsen.

It must also be borne in mind that a massage should not be performed if there is an infectious or tumoral process in one area, as well as fever, hernias or acute injuries. It is also not advisable if medications such as anticoagulants are taken, since aggressive maneuvers generate the possibility of creating bruises due to capillary rupture.

They can accent existing injuries
The masseurs can inappropriately press on herniated discs and areas with degenerative problems of the joints in people over 40 years olds, which can aggravate chronic lesions or cause muscle or tendon elongations that oblige us, then yes, to go to the consultation of a professional physiotherapist.

Artículos para un armario clásico y atemporal

Las piezas más atemporales y básicas que necesitas para crear un impresionante y clásico guardarropa. Estos son los bloques de construcción básicos de un armario bien redondeado. Si realmente quieres tener estilo propios necesitas asesoría de imagen en línea con Visible Look.

Estas son definitivamente piezas de inversión clásicas y (si los cuidas) pueden durar años o incluso décadas. Te llevarán a través de semanas de trabajo en un trabajo de chicas grandes, cenas con padres de otras personas, veladas y mucho más.

1. un pequeño vestido negro

Busque los estilos clásicos de fundas sin mangas hasta la rodilla. Asegúrese de que no sea demasiado corto y que no muestre escote para la pieza más versátil.

2. Cardigans básicos

Desde una cachemira delgada hasta un algodón duradero o tejidos de lana gruesa, hay una chaqueta de punto que se adaptará perfectamente a tus necesidades sin importar la ocasión o la temporada. Me encantan las chaquetas de punto porque se pueden diseñar para que se vean de la manera que quieras. Asegúrese de elegir diferentes cortes, telas y estilos para que tenga mucho para elegir.

4. Zapatos de piso

Lo fantástico de las zapatillas de ballet es que son un elemento básico totalmente clásico en el que no necesitas gastar un montón de dinero. Desde mi experiencia, todos los flats se desgastarán después de un año o dos. ¡En lugar de gastar un montón de dinero en un elegante par de cuero, prefiero elegir varios colores y estilos diferentes de Target o Gap y reemplazarlos con frecuencia!

5. Una gabardina larga

Seré honesto, me tomó un tiempo finalmente morder la bala y derrochar un clásico. Puede encontrar versiones baratas en Forever 21 y Charlotte Russe, pero recomendaría guardar su dinero para una gabardina de calidad de Gap, Banana Republic, Express o, si no está fuera de su alcance, Burberry. Se cortarán de forma más conservadora y durarán años o incluso décadas.

6. Botas hasta la rodilla en marrón, marrón o camel

La cantidad de formas en que puede usar un par de botas de montar marrones es prácticamente infinita.

Quieres que estos zapatos se complementen y combinen con cualquier atuendo, así que busca un par con pocos o ningún adorno.

7. jeans de corte oscuro con lavado de botas

A pesar de que los jeans ajustados, estilo boyfriend y pantalones son más modernos, aún es importante tener un par tan clásico de jeans oscuros con corte de bota en tu armario. Estos jeans siempre vuelven a estar de moda y son excelentes para cenas agradables, días informales en el trabajo o incluso para combinarlos con una camiseta.

Busque estilos sin decoloración o adornos, y póngalos doblados para que toquen perfectamente el fondo de su talón. Si quieres derrochar en un par de jeans de diseño, un par de botas es definitivamente la opción más atemporal.

8. un blazer negro perfecto

Blazers son piezas impresionantes porque hay muchas variedades para elegir. En este momento, tanto los estilos reducidos como los de gran tamaño son muy populares, pero antes de comprar cualquiera de ellos, asegúrate de tener ese clásico perfecto en tu armario. Asegúrese de que las mangas golpeen directamente en sus muñecas, y que los hombros tengan suficiente espacio para colocar debajo. La parte frontal debe estar ajustada, pero no debe retirarse alrededor de su pecho.

9. Una bufanda liviana y de colores brillantes

Las bufandas son una de esas cosas que la mayoría de las personas no se proponen comprar específicamente, pero siempre terminan de todas maneras. Mi mente está asombrada por el aspecto más elegante, intencional y completo que puede lucir un atuendo con la simple adición de una bufanda.

Para la mayor flexibilidad, compre una variedad de bufandas que sean cortas y largas, cuadradas y rectangulares, transparentes y opacas. Personalmente, no me gusta gastar un montón de dinero en bufandas, pero conozco a algunas chicas (Rebecca Bloomwood de Confessions of a Shopaholic, ¿alguien?) Que juran por fantásticas bufandas de diseñador. Haga lo que le resulte cómodo y lo que está dentro de su presupuesto. ¡No te puedes equivocar de ninguna manera!

10. Tacones negros

Ninguna chica en el mundo debería ir sin un par de tacones negros, clásicos y sencillos en su armario. Estos bebés estarán aquí para ti, desde bodas a funciones de hermandad y desde primeras fechas hasta primeros trabajos. Busque estilos muy básicos: asegúrese de que el dedo del pie no esté demasiado puntiagudo o demasiado redondeado, y busque un talón de 2-3 pulgadas de delgado a medio.

Choose the best treatment to improve your smile


These are some of the most demanded treatments, some of them are used to correct the consequences of some diseases, such as periodontitis. But we must not forget that prevention is better than cure, so in this and other cases it is best to promote prevention, for example by carrying a good daily hygiene or using toothpastes specially designed for this problem. If you no longer have a tooth, we tell you in a few words: you need a best dentist for dental bridges in Tijuana Mexico.

Teeth whitening.
It is the most usual today. Virtually painless, whitening removes visible stains on tooth enamel that can be caused by coffee, tobacco or natural wear. The technique involves the application of a bleaching product, which is activated by an LED lamp and can be combined with the use of splints at night, with the aim of lightening the teeth without dyeing them an excessive white. Of course, we should only do it through a professional and we should know that, even so, there are related consequences, such as tooth sensitivity, which may occur on subsequent days, so in that case it would be advisable not to eat too much food. cold and / or hot and use a specific toothpaste for sensitive teeth.

Dental veneers
It is a perfect solution both to erase visible spots in the tooth enamel and to correct the shape, position or size of the tooth. They are very thin porcelain or composite sheets that adhere to the surface of the enamel and provide a very natural effect.

Gum stretch or micrografts.
Receding gums are one of the most common dental health problems and its main cause is chronic periodontitis. To correct this defect in the gum, two techniques are used: the stretching of the same to cover the tooth root or the combination of this technique with micrografts, in which tissue is taken from the palate through a small incision and the gum is covered .

Invisible orthodontics
It is the alternative to brackets and allows to correct the alignment and bite defects in a comfortable and almost imperceptible way. It is a series of virtually invisible and removable aligners that change every 15-20 days approximately. In addition, they are combined with a night retainer, whose function is to prevent the natural movement of the teeth while we sleep.

Periodontal cosmetic contouring.
People who teach a lot of gum when smiling, or who have an asymmetric height in the teeth, can correct this defect with a small surgery known as cosmetic periodontal contouring. It consists of cutting the gum that covers the tooth to achieve a more proportionate and aesthetic smile.

The three causes for the loss of a tooth are: decay, pyorrhea or an accident. The solution to replace it is the implant, which consists of the placement of a titanium screw in the bone that acts as a root and the application of a piece of porcelain. It is a minimally invasive intervention performed with local anesthesia.

7 Capital Sins of Fashion


Dress well, follow fashion and give our personal touch that makes us unique. In these few words we can summarize what we want when we start talking about pure tendencies … So why is it so complicated to get carried away by temptation and fall into one of the seven deadly sins of fashion? The sin 0.5 is to have a yellow smile, you can be the best dressed of your work or your school, but if your teeth look terrible it’s useless, but you can reverse the color and turn it white by going to Brio dental Clinic.

Or rather in several, because if we stop to think there are many mistakes that we make even though we know that we really should not. And since we are fashion victim with class and style just like you, we have set out to learn about the seven deadly sins of fashion that you should avoid if you want your style to be recognized. Ready to start? Quiet, not sin in fashion is simpler than it may seem at first glance.

The seven Capital Sins of fashion that you must avoid yes or yes

1 Lust or dressing too daring
Vertigo heels, blouses and low cut tops, mini skirts and many other sensual garments that we all have in our closet. It’s okay to have them, but if you do not want to commit the ultimate sin of lust we recommend that you do not see too provocative. You already know that elegance and knowing how to be should not leave your side. Sexy? Yes, but always with class and glamor. You can wear some of the clothes, but you should avoid putting them all at once so as not to fall into this sin.

2 Laziness or not renewing your wardrobe when necessary
“Ufff, how lazy to go shopping today with all the things I have to do …” Whether you’re a girl who likes to go shopping or one who hates it, surely this kind of phrases have passed more than once for your mind. It’s okay: if you need to renew the costumes, or have a party and you need a new outfit and this week you do not have time, leave it for the other. But nothing to neglect your wardrobe and your looks. Laziness does not go with us, right?

3 Gula or not wanting to see what your real size is
“Nothing happens, I buy it even if I’m a bit tight and I’ll lose weight”, “they do not have those shoes that I like so much in my size, I’ll buy them in a smaller one” Of that nothing! Your size is what it is and it is perfect, you just have to want to realize it.

4 Anger or anger because you do not have what you want

Yes, we agree with you. It is frustrating to spend an entire afternoon shopping and not find what you are looking for, but you should not show your anger and even less think that the clothes you have in your closet is worthless. This is undoubtedly one of the deadliest sins of fashion easier to avoid.

Envy or I want the same thing that that girl has
Of course, she has been divinely left and you assume that you will also be like that. No, what is worth for one may not be worth for another. Only healthy envy is allowed, but only a little.

6 Avarice or I buy those shoes that I know I’m not going to wear
Stop there! The whims are welcome, especially when it comes to accessories … But nothing to throw away the money to buy something that you already know you’re not going to put alone because it is very beautiful and the mannequin is ideal. Girls, let’s always buy with a head.

7 Superb or everything is very good
There will be things that stay great, especially if you follow fashion and are true to your personal style. But there will be other things that do not go with you. And this reminds us that this same rule is valid for when you go shopping with your friend, if you try on some jeans and do not feel completely good, be honest.

In your hand is not to commit the seven deadly sins of fashion to be a girl with a hundred percent class!

Cómo Hacer Tu Cara Más Simétrica

Si perteneces a aquellas personas que tienen una cara demasiado larga y poco desarrollada, entonces puedes respirar con un suspiro de alivio. Esos días, cuando pasabas horas frente al espejo pensando que tu cara estaba sin forma, se han ido.

Pero, ¿por qué no te gusta tu cara larga y tus pómulos subdesarrollados? Si tiene una de las siguientes dos características, entonces estás en el lugar correcto:

1) Cara asimétrica: tiene una cara larga y muy asimétrica (una oreja más alta que la otra, o una nariz torcida, o ojos que no están alineados …)
2) Cara plana: tienes una cara larga y plana. Tus pómulos no son evidentes y tu mandíbula está subdesarrollada.

Si tiene uno de estos dos problemas mencionados anteriormente, debes saber que tanto las caras asimétricas como las planas son solo consecuencias de un problema más profundo. Como siempre si algo no te gusta podemos modificarlo como los efectos del paso del tiempo, la exposición prolongada de la piel al sol o el estrés diario se hacen especialmente visibles en la cara y el cuello. Comienzan a aparecer surcos y pliegues en el rostro que hacen que la expresión facial pierda definición y tono. Gracias a Molding Clinic para levantamiento facial en Tijuana Mexico es posible remediar estos signos de la edad.

Otra de las causas más comunes de fealdad son el resultado de un desequilibrio cráneo-mandibular que afecta a todo el cuerpo. En resumen, debes saber que este desequilibrio se debe al hecho de que el cráneo no está suficientemente apoyado por la mandíbula inferior. El cráneo, no apoyado por la mandíbula, se hunde lentamente comprimiendo las vértebras. En este proceso, los músculos se vuelven asimétricos y literalmente mueven los tejidos blandos (piel, cara, orejas, cartílago de la nariz, etc.). Es por eso que algunas personas tienen ojos más cerrados, orejas más altas y caras poco desarrolladas. Para más información ver Cómo mirar las asimetrías.

Si la mandíbula no apoya adecuadamente el cráneo con dientes en ambos arcos, la cabeza tiende a caer hacia adelante en busca de un nuevo soporte en la mandíbula. Los músculos faciales (especialmente los músculos de la masticación) no están lo suficientemente entrenados y la cara se ve enferma y plana.

De hecho, el verdadero problema no es que la cara sea demasiado larga (muchas personas se quejan de tener una cara demasiado larga). El problema real es que algunas caras largas están desequilibradas, poco desarrolladas y, por lo tanto, poco atractivas. En estos casos hay un problema subyacente que debe ser resuelto. ¡Y este problema es el desequilibrio cráneo-mandibular!

Para ser más precisos: las caras tienden a verse más largas cuando no están bien desarrolladas en anchura, o cuando los dientes están ligeramente extruidos y no permiten que los músculos de la masticación desarrollen los pómulos y la mandíbula.

Si los músculos de la masticación no permiten el desarrollo adecuado de las mejillas y la mandíbula, se enfatiza excesivamente la longitud de la cara. De hecho, no hay nada malo en una cara larga si esto es simétrico, armonioso y desarrollado en todas sus partes.

Puedes ver cómo las caras en las imágenes de abajo, aunque muy largas, también se ven muy bonitas y atractivas. Esto se debe a que los músculos de la mandíbula y las mejillas están completamente desarrollados y compensan muy bien el desarrollo del rostro a lo largo de su longitud.

Observa con atención cuánto se desarrollan los músculos de la mandíbula. Se puede ver una cavidad adecuada. Mira los pómulos que sobresalen. La cara es lisa y plana, pero está viva y hay muchos músculos que crean cavidades en la piel. ¡Esto es sexy!

Sin embargo, estas dos caras son muy largas.

Ahora veremos caras más largas pero con músculos poco desarrollados. Estas caras aunque sean más cortas que las anteriores parecen completamente planas.

Decorate Colorfully

The colors bring dynamism and freshness to the environments, but you must be careful to look for a balance and not exaggerate, but combine them according to the decorative style, your tastes and the type of room. Nothing more satisfying than remodeling a newly acquired house, especially if it is from Baja Rosarito Realty, the walls are a white canvas ready to capture your creativity.

Color blocking. To revitalize the room or the family room, one of the best options is to paint the back wall or some side wall. The orange, green or violet tones -including the “Radiant Orchid 2014” – in smooth or textured finishes give warmth and visual richness. If you are looking for a more dramatic effect, you can hang curtains or place area rugs in contrasting colors, with geometric designs or fringes for a very modern style. Textiles in solid shades, such as fuchsia, jade green and cobalt blue, are used to upholster some armchair or a couple of central armchairs. Also the decorative blankets – known as Throws – unicolors, patterned or with metallic glitter, and cushions are ideal accessories to add color in a more level way.

Mix-Match. In the bedrooms, lingerie and accents are key to renew the environment. Cushions, lamps, shelves or aerial shelves and bouquets of natural flowers change the overall look of the room. Wallpaper is a versatile and very fashionable resource that provides a sophisticated air instantaneously. The patterns with arabesques, vertical lines or gradients are the most recommended for creating a comfortable, serene and harmonious atmosphere. A simple and fun way to add color to the bathrooms is to paint the frames of the central mirrors in saturated shades or primary tones, as these easily adapt to the ranges of white, beige or gray of traditional ceramics.

Citrus splashes. The new series of acrylics, vinyl and veneers available in the market offer a range of possibilities to decorate the kitchen with color. For a radical change, you can update the doors of the placards and the tops by opting for shocking tones, such as turquoise, yellow or eggplant, and generate an attractive and luminous composition. Combining pieces of furniture, such as chairs and stools, with a large format picture or photograph, individual, glasses and plates of funds is also an alternative, since it creates interesting focal points.

Keep in mind the dimensions of each room and the sources of natural light.
White is, par excellence, the base color and neutralizes the saturated versions of the color chart.
Recycle your purchases, trends are reinvented!

The Advantage of Being Attractive

It is unlikely that all employers operate with such a superficial logic, but it is no less true that we are part of a culture that gives priority to the image. Sometimes if you can improve your beauty with a few simple steps, for example with expert cosmetic dentistry in Tijuana or an aesthetic surgery.

Economists have long recognized the existence of what is known as the beauty bonus, a theory according to which people considered beautiful, whatever their ambitions, tend to be better than those who are not in virtually all of them. the facets.

Thus, good-looking men charge an average of 5% more than those who are not, while the salaries of attractive women are on average 4% higher than those of non-attractive women.

Beautiful people get more attention from their bosses and teachers, and babies look longer at beautiful faces (while we also look more at cute babies). But in 2018, when many girls pursue an ideal of beauty that is as artificial as it is unattainable, there is a great deal of research that shows that our prejudices against people who are not attractive are stronger than ever. And when this model of perception is transferred to the workplace, we find that too often it is the physical aspect and not the merits of the worker that counts.

Image or curriculum.
57% of employers say that qualified but unattractive candidates often take longer to find a job. Meanwhile, half of employers surveyed advise candidates to invest the same time and money in “making sure they have an attractive image” than in improving their curriculum.
When we talk about candidates, it seems that highlighting their charms is something that works. 61% of Human Resources managers consulted (most of them men) say that for a woman it is an advantage to wear clothes that highlight her figure in her work environment. Asked about the most important qualities that a worker must have in order of importance, these employers place a good presence over training. Of a set of nine characteristics they place it in third place, only behind the experience (considered more important) and the self-confidence (in second place), but above the place where the candidate studied. Does this mean that one should abandon his career at Harvard and invest the money in rhinoplasty? Probably not. But it implies that when choosing the study center a public university can be more than enough.

Uncomfortable data
Argues that 13% of Americans would consider undergoing a plastic surgery if this improves their job prospects. It is without doubt two uncomfortable data. But in the current economic situation, when the unemployment figures have caused employers to have more options than ever when hiring workers, it seems that the physical aspect has ceased to be a simply important factor to become decisive.
It has confirmed what many employees or qualified: that, let’s talk about general hiring policies or promotions, having a good presence has ceased to be an element that we can dismiss as frivolous.

Autumn Trends That Arrived to Stay

Although they have resisted some weeks, the low temperatures have come to stay this autumn, which can make us find a closet full of summer dresses and season clothing, but  the adequate to not be cold. Although the tendencies are for all bodies, it is undeniable that some look better than others, especially thin people, if you want to be from the group of people that everything looks good you can use the slow option, exercise, or fast option a weight loss surgery with A Slimmer Me Tijuana Mexico.

So that the change of season does not catch you by surprise, we give you some keys that will make it easier for you to have hanging on the hangers of your wardrobe long pants, jackets, sweaters or coats and all the clothes that are trend in this new autumn season- winter.

If these days you go shopping, you will see that many of them have the so-called ‘mid season sales’, in which brands offer discounts of up to 50% on some of their products.

Animal Print

There is no doubt that the revolution of shop windows this season has been the ‘animal print’. This trend, which is based on wearing animal print on any garment you can imagine, has flooded the stores. Although the leopard is the predominant, others like the snake, cow and zebra are increasingly present in ‘bikers’, shoes, bags or lingerie tops.

Military boots

The military style will continue to be strong this season, and, in this way, the ‘combat boots’ are the indispensable trend for this fall. It is a timeless basic of a more casual and informal nature, designed for very different situations that can be combined with a dress on sunny days and can also become your biggest ally on rainy days.

There are for all tastes and styles, and you will be able to find a wide variety in almost all brands.

Day sequins

No need to wait for Christmas and celebrations to incorporate sequins in your looks. Recycling sequins during the rest of the year has become a must for going to work, going out to dinner or even more informal events.

Previously, garments with brightness were limited to the night and now, combined with some basic, are also included in day looks.

Brown color

The most sought-after hair color this season is the ‘cold brew’, also called cold coffee. It is not a color in itself, but it has the inspiration of golden and brown tones that reflect the color combination of this hot drink.

This range of shades fits any type of hair and texture, and you can adapt it to your taste, from shades more golden to more reddish.


Cuidado Con Las Várices

Si sientes dolor intenso, hinchazón o calambres en tus piernas, podrías padecer de Insuficiencia Venosa Crónica (IVC), que se presenta cuando las venas tienen problemas para retornar la sangre hasta el corazón, lo cual puede tener graves consecuencias clínicas. Aunque no tener varices es la meta de cualquier mujer también hay algunas que son igual de importantes como ir con tu dentista Dr. Mexico.
El especialista en trastornos del sistema venoso explicó que el cuadro clínico de la IVC se distingue cuando el paciente sufre dolor, pesadez en las piernas y aparecen várices en diversos grados, así como hinchazón en tobillos, y una coloración “ocre” o celulitis en la piel, porque la IVC provoca que las paredes de las venas estén debilitadas y las válvulas dañadas lo cual genera que (las venas) permanezcan llenas de sangre que no fluye correctamente, especialmente al estar mucho tiempo de pie.
Gran parte de la población labora durante varias horas de pie o sentada, y cualquiera de las dos son condiciones que pueden provocar que las piernas se sientan pesadas y cansadas, síntomas asociados a la IVC. “De acuerdo con el estudio Vein Consult (2009), la incidencia reportada de IVC es del 67.8 por ciento en la población total, con un promedio de 47.7 años, y es en las mujeres en quienes se presenta con mayor frecuencia”.
El médico especialista en angiología y cirugía vascular, detalló que algunos factores de riesgo son, además de ser mujer, tener sobrepeso u obesidad, sedentarismo, edad avanzada, embarazo, algunas terapias anticonceptivas o de reemplazo hormonal, así como por condiciones hereditarias, y aclaró que también los hombres pueden desarrollar várices.
Ante ello recomendó acudir a un especialista en cuanto aparezcan los primeros síntomas de la formación de várices, toda vez que existen medidas de prevención como es el uso de medias de compresión graduadas que mejoran la tensión y circulación venosa.
Existen diversas opciones en el mercado de medias de compresión, no todas son del material, graduación y diseño necesarios.

Signs That Reveal That You’re Not a Young Girl

Life is full of cycles, some cheerful, others stormy, some with more grief than glory, but all full of learning.

Sometimes they are difficult to notice because of the excess of work that you have, so here we leave some signs that indicate that you are already an adult.

1.- You start worrying about the expenses. Do you remember your first job? It did not matter what you spent your salary, now the fortnight comes and you start doing accounts. Since you are bigger and you have to worry about your expenses and your health if you have a strange pain in a tooth you have to go with your dentist for a root canal in Tijuana with Via Dental.

2.- The children call you ma’am. Of course it is not to our liking, but the reality is that they also do it in the transport or in the store.

3.- Form a family. The thought of having children terrified you, but now they do not seem like such an unpleasant idea

4.- You worry more about others. “Send me message when you arrive”, “Do you call me?”, “Are you okay?” If any of these questions sound like you, we can confirm that you are growing.

5.- You feel the greatest in all the parties. After 25, the options to go out and have fun are reduced considerably, and almost all the other girls are younger than you at parties.

6.- The body does not resist the same. The raw ones every time they feel more severe or of plane they do not make you want to drink.

7.- You start to be interested in decorations and furniture for the home. As the years go by, the home section of shopping centers becomes terribly attractive to us.

8.-You start to take care of your diet. You know that if you exceed fat, fat; if you eat a lot spicy you will not endure gastritis; if you eat sweet things you run the risk of suffering from diabetes like your grandparents; If you eat salt, you may have pressure problems. In short, food is one of the issues that most concern you today.

9.- The people on television are younger than you. Surely, when you were a teenager, you saw Adela Noriega, Daniela Castro, Ludwika Paleta, Fernando Colunga, Jorge Salinas, Sergio Sendel, Segio Basañez, among others as the protagonists of the telenovelas. Now, when you turn on the TV you do not know any.

10.- Having an apartment and car is no longer a luxury, now it is a necessity.

Fatal Errors of Microblading

It is a trend and the truth is that the result is spectacular. You get perfectly designed eyebrows and with such 3D effect that no one will believe that they are not yours. But although this semi-permanent makeup has become very fashionable and its advantages are many, it is very important to know in whose hands you are putting your eyebrows. Maybe what you really need to increase your beauty is a beautiful smile, it is less risky and more durable with ProDent for teeth whitening Tijuana, everyone will notice your white smile.

That’s why today we wanted to ask Aroa Macía, the microblading expert at the Carmen Navarro centers, everything we should consider before deciding.

If you do not want to end with rainbow eyebrows, take care with the pigment
The one that must be used is approved and have the corresponding health records. Ask them to show you these pigments or tell you the brand they are going to use. They should always come in monodose of 2 or 3 milliliters, which guarantees their sterility. But in addition to being a health issue, it is fundamental if you do not want to end with blue or orange eyebrows as has traditionally happened with the technique of micropigmentation. Being a superficial technique, after a few months the color that was initially brown turns blue. Do not trust who uses black color because it is forbidden within the microblading technique.

Your eyebrows frame you, but do not leave a picture made
It is essential that you perform a correct eyebrow design before starting the treatment. If they do not, you can end up with a result that spoils your expression or that does not fit your face. Authentic professionals have tools to make this design and must show it before starting treatment.

Do not trust offers and prices that are too cheap
It is easy to find people on the internet and social networks who travel even to your home and charge for microblading at a great price, including the displacement and retouching that must be done after a month. It is materially impossible if you are using approved and professional materials. In such a specific and delicate treatment, you can not risk it.

Do not get micropigmentation by microblading
Many women end up asking for help because of the result, because they were literally deceived. Both techniques work the design of eyebrows, but evidently their modus operandi is different. Only microblading is done by hand and achieve a natural result with 3D effect.

Get informed and ask all the necessary questions
Get informed before choosing the right place. Look for places of reference and if the professional is an expert in eye design and especially in microblading, the better. You should know that anyone, although not a professional in the sector, can get a degree with a course of only 2 days. This is something that should make you reflect. Do not forget that small cuts are made in your eyebrow to deposit the pigment. It is a technique that looks as natural as possible. Getting an eyebrow with 3D effect requires a lot of dexterity. If you do not put yourself in the right hands, you can make a mistake that you will regret. You have to trace hair by hair and know in which direction to do it so that there is no comic eyebrow.

Having said that, you should know that a retouch is always done after a month and that after a year it is advisable to make a revision to get your eyebrows with the desired effect. With time, the pigment disappears and we would have the original eyebrow again. Who cares if it hurts, it is true that it bothers, but it is something completely bearable. The first days it is recommended not to sunbathe and 100% pure Vaseline is used to heal better.

Prepara tu Beauty salon

En caso de que desee que su spa y salón logren el éxito, debe mantener el liderazgo de otros salones y spas exitosos. Si bien el suyo es suyo, puede modificarlo y adaptarlo a medida que vea el salón de belleza, el spa y los clientes que desean ciertos atributos en los establecimientos habituales. Independientemente de su clientela o los costos de los suyos, su salón de belleza y su spa deberían tener cosas en común con cualquier otro spa y salón; o bien, no puedes esperar igualar la competencia.

Personal dotado
Su spa y salón debe contar con personal altamente capacitado y con experiencia. Esto no sugiere que cada trabajador deba ser un veterano de la empresa, a menos que, obviamente, pueda encontrar el dinero para un personal de esa calidad desde el principio. Más bien, emplee una combinación de personas más veteranos con mucha menos experiencia. Los miembros menos experimentados del personal pueden recoger secretos comerciales de usted y de los compañeros de trabajo de ellos, a pesar de que los empleados con más experiencia ofrecen al salón suyo una buena reputación y el talento que tiene para prosperar.

Tranquilizador estético
Ninguna persona va al spa en busca de un ambiente emocionante y de alta energía. Los spas y los salones se crean para que los compradores se relajen y se relajen mientras se concentran en la apariencia de los suyos y en el bienestar psicológico, así como la apariencia de la compañía suya debe reflejar eso. El negocio tuyo debe ser constantemente limpio y sanitario, el mobiliario de Mundo del Estilista es más cómodo y los esquemas de color son relajantes. Puede personalizar cada elemento de su spa y salón para inspirar confort y placer a sus clientes, que es justo lo que están buscando.

Gama de servicios Tanto los salones como los spas son atractivos para los clientes ya que son convenientes: pueden comprar una cantidad de servicios en un solo lugar. En caso de que lo único en lo que desea concentrarse es en realidad hacer uñas, entonces simplemente puede abrir un estudio de uñas de los pies. Los spas y salones, por otro lado, tienden a ser más flexibles. Ofrecen otros servicios, masajes, manicuras, pedicuras, tratamientos faciales, maquillaje o cabello que los clientes pueden comprar a la carta o en paquetes. Proporcione a sus clientes mucho para elegir y seleccionar para que regresen por aquellos de la belleza de ellos, así como el ocio debe tener.

Sentido de la identidad No todos los salones ni los spas son en realidad iguales, incluso en el caso de que tengan cosas que sean ciertas en común. Tanto su spa como su salón de belleza tendrán su propio sentido de identidad para distinguirlo de la competencia. Por ejemplo, puede optar por ofrecer incentivos, ofertas especiales y ofertas de manera frecuente para que los clientes regresen nuevamente por un buen precio. Por otro lado, puede proporcionar servicios de alto precio para atender a las personas que desean exclusividad. También puede seleccionar servicios específicos como otros métodos y Botox estará a la venta en compañía suya. La forma en que desarrollas el negocio tuyo se muestra en la publicidad de su clientela y en el éxito de sus productos.

Fashion catwalks and music merge

There are things that will never go out of fashion like having a healthy white smile, many have seen excellent results by regularly visiting professional dentists like Tijuana Dental Studio. And apart from having the perfect smile now, everyone wants to have the perfect outfit when attending the most famous music festivals, and it is said that some even spend months of training to get the most sophisticated, seemingly careless, hyper-produced or extravagant outfits of the public of these events.

Music festivals have become a kind of catwalks where the common denominator is to leave nothing to the imagination. Anything goes to give promotion to the event, to oneself and to publicize the sponsoring brands crossing the borders of the purely musical.

Proof of this are the various photo galleries with which fashion magazines populate the digital realm to win the battle of the audience: that struggle whose reward is the profitability of content, the popularity in social networks and the diffusion of bloggers as Ad men and women sold to the highest bidder.

Under the umbrella of Coachella, old-school celebrities present their fashion credentials. With this festival, we go back into the clean, sexy hippie style loop with cut jeans, which could give us a break. Under these premises, year after year, Victoria’s Secret angels militate but, in each new edition, they are forced to share protagonism with the latest trends. Influencers of the new and consolidated batch, have done the same with the laureated return of the 90. In which the sports attire is seasoned with shorts and cocoon jeans, minimalist sunglasses, sports, gold jewelry, fanny packs, makeup in peach tones and braids or bows in the style of Gwen Stefani in No Doubt.

While the sun is the one that marks the outfit in Coachella, in other appointments like the English Glastonbury which this year will not be celebrated, the mud that forms with the rain does. As a result, Kate Moss made the Hunter boots the armor with which all trendy attendants had to equip their feet to enjoy the music and the place. Because, as Cecil Beaton said: fashion is a story in a series that never ends.

The new piece that conquered the fashion

If you have an event near you already have ready that dress you will wear and the shoes you will wear, but you still do not know what bag to wear, you can opt for the newest in the world of fashion: the round wallets, are the perfect combination for semi-formal dresses and in addition to attracting attention for its different form, also has other details that are equally colorful.

When it comes to fashion, there is nothing that prevents breaking patterns, rules, and forms. It is precisely this principle that allows one season after other designers can give free rein to their creativity.

For this spring-summer, the compliment that goes out of the traditional is the portfolio of rounded shape that was seen again and again on the catwalks of various parts of the world.

It is a piece that, in addi

Transparencies are playing a significant role in fashion designs. Some of the dressmakers only introduce them in the sleeves or on the backs, but others go further with the lace placed strategically and even grid at the neckline.

In recent years several firms have resorted to asymmetrical designs. For example, to opt only for a long or short sleeve or using different types of ruffles that play with the volume of the garment and the length, since it also bets to shorten the skirt.

If you want to look daring dresses, take their sexier side with open backs with different types of the neckline, as in ‘V’ or rounds that add this sensual and original touch to the design. The accessories are also an important point, and you can look for accessories with volume or more discreet depending on your style.

tion to attracting attention for its different form, also has other details that are equally eye-catching and all complement each other.

For this reason, you can select around portfolio with prints, messages, strong textures or ornaments such as tassels, fringes or chain handles.


Why Alpaca Sweaters are a Fashion Favorite for Men and Women

People care about fashion for many reasons. From looking and feeling great, to wearing something that is viewed as art, being fashionable helps you stand out and feel like a million bucks. But you don’t have to dig deep into your wallet to have an amazing look. When you buy alpaca sweaters for men and women from a reputable retailer, you will soon discover that alpaca clothing will be your new favorite addition to your wardrobe.

Alpaca Sweaters Offer Affordable Luxury

When most people think of luxurious sweaters, they tend to see visions of cashmere dancing in their heads. Alpaca sweaters are a favorite apparel choice for men and women because you still get that soft, high-end look while paying significantly less. When it comes to luxurious, affordable clothing, alpaca sweaters will make the perfect gift for both sexes.

Eco-Friendly Hearts Love Alpaca Sweaters

Men and women love alpaca sweaters because they promote a greener planet. Alpaca have soft hooves that tread very lightly on the ground. As a result, there is little to no wear and tear to the ground. Alpaca fibers are also farmed in a way to make sweaters that are kind to Mother Nature. Alpaca sweaters from Peru and Bolivia and farmed in traditional methods by hand in which no machines release toxins into the environment. Alpaca fiber is hand shorn then spun on a loom. Alpaca sweaters from Peru also come in natural colors, and no harmful element in the manufacturing process hurts the planet. This is one of many reasons why alpaca sweaters for women and men are so popular.

Alpaca Sweaters Support Sustainability and Heritage

Most alpaca sweaters from Peru and Bolivia come from family farms that have been running for hundreds of years, some even 1000 years. When you buy alpaca sweaters you help these families stemming from multiple generations to continue their art, help their communities thrive, and continue the beautiful tradition of making alpaca sweaters, the royal fibers of the Incas.

Alpaca Sweaters Come in Many Styles

Another reasons why alpaca sweaters are a fashion favorite for men is because they come in a number of patterns, cuts, textures and colors. From a gray zip-up cardigan men’s alpaca sweater, to a thigh-high alpaca coat for women, there are multiple looks one can achieve. This also means alpaca sweaters can be worn for any occasion. While some alpaca sweaters are ideal for formal events such as a fundraiser held at the opera, other alpaca sweaters are ideal for casual dinners out on the town or for wearing on that camping trip out to the cabin. You can even mix up alpaca sweater styles with colors. With the warming earth tones and faint lines of color in an alpaca pullover, to a baby alpaca sweater with a deep blue, any look is attainable.

Don’t Forget Alpaca Socks and Alpaca Gloves

Why stop at sweaters? Alpaca gloves are ideal accessories to wear with a sweater, and they also come in a number of looks. Alpaca fingerless gloves are especially popular with men and women and make for a cool look. Alpaca socks also offer warmth in the winter months yet can be worn in the summer because they breathe well.

The world of alpaca clothing offers an abundance of choices for men and women. Shop alpaca sweaters, and pick up a few accessories such as an alpaca shawl or beanie.