Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Stash and Storage

nail polish rack storage stash workspace
My current polish stash and storage.

Hello everyone!  Just wanted to share with you my polish workspace.  Mr. Sparkles was sweet and thoughtful enough to set up a whole table for me to use for cosmetic purposes.  He also helped me build a custom, free-standing polish rack.  We were inspired by a YouTube video tutorial by TheEasyDIY. (The video can be found here.)

After watching the video we decided to completely customize the design.  We began by counting my polishes. (67... more than I thought I had!!)  Next we measured the tallest bottles, so we could decide what the height of each shelf should be.  Then we measured the widest bottles, to decide how wide each shelf should be.  Pictured below is a plan we made in order to be sure we got the most use out of the single sheet of foam board.  Lastly, we added some feet to ensure stability.

nail polish rack storage organization plan blueprint
Nail polish rack blueprint 
(The large rectangle is the back of the unit; bottom rectangles are shelves; upper right hand rectangles are top, bottom, sides; bottom right rectangle was cut in half to make the feet.)

I am super happy with how it turned out.  It is very nice to have all my polishes lined up and be able to see all the colors.  I will soon run out of space on it though... I guess we will just have to build another!

How do you all store your polishes?  How big is your stash?


  1. Your storage shelves are sweet! The polishes look sharp against the black background. What is the material you used for them?

  2. We made the unit out of foam board. I actually just updated the post to include more detail!


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