Saturday, November 12, 2011

Zoya Nail Mail, plus Ivanka

zoya ivanka
Zoya Ivanka (Indoors, artificial light, no flash)

Hello, Readers!  Today I want to share a new polish I received in the mail a couple days ago.  Zoya ran an awesome promo on Halloween where they gave everyone 2 free polishes, you only had to pay shipping.  How could I resist taking advantage of that!!  The polishes that I picked up were Pippa, a yellow cream, and Ivanka, an emerald green glass fleck.  Ivanka is from Zoya's Sparkle Collection, which also included Charla, Mimi, Alegra, Nidhi, and Gilda.  I already have Charla, and now that I have Ivanka I realized how much I *love* this finish!  It has the sparkle of a glitter polish, with a MUCH easier removal.  The first picture is most accurate of Ivanka's color, IMO.

I also picked up a bottle of Remove+ with my order, since I've been wanting to try it out, and I have read so many rave reviews.  After trying it for myself, I'm a convert.  It has a lavender scent to it, and when it dries down on my hand it doesn't even smell like I just used polish remover!  I'm amazed.  It's also non-drying.  I tried to make a homemade version of this stuff that involves adding glycerine to regular acetone, but as far as I'm concerned, it doesn't measure up.

Zoya products can be purchased on  A polish retails for $8 and the 8oz bottle of Remove+ retails for $9.99.

On to the pictures!

zoya remove ivanka pippa
My nail mail, love receiving packages like this!
zoya ivanka
Ivanka (Outdoors, direct sunlight)
zoya ivanka
Ivanka (Outdoors, direct sun, blurred to show the sparkle)
zoya ivanka
Ivanka (Indoors, artificial light, no flash)
zoya ivanka macro
Ivanka (Macro shot!)

What are your favorite Zoya colors?

Thanks for reading!

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