Thursday, December 1, 2011

Peppermint nails!

 Base Color: NYC Big Apple Red Creme
Stamp Color: Finger Paints Papier Mache
Plate: Red Angel 110
(Artificial light, no flash)

Hello everyone!  I've got another holiday themed nail design for you today.  This is also my first half-moon mani.  The stamping plate that I used actually incorporates the half-moon with a few patterns, though I wonder if they are meant to be used for longer french tip designs?  Anyway, I am really happy with how these look.  I intended for them to look like peppermint candies, and I certainly think they do!

This was my first time trying out my new Red Angel plates.  I like them so far!  They don't cover my whole thumb nail with one stamp, but I didn't have problems with any other nails coverage wise.  The full nail designs are bigger than the set of Bundle Monster plates I have, so that will make my life a bit easier.  I'm excited to show you guys more of the cool designs these have!  You can find them on Amazon, here, and they are a bargain at $11.99 for 21 plates.

 (Indirect natural light)

What reminds you of the holidays?  Any colors or patterns you guys would like to see?


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