Saturday, December 17, 2011

Snowy White

OPI Funny Bunny, China Glaze Snow Globe 

Hi guys!  I didn't have too much time to work with when I did my nails this time since we have extended holiday hours at the salon right now.  I decided to do some layering and keep it simple.  I got OPI Funny Bunny a couple weeks ago, so I used that as my base color.  It is a soft white jelly, and I actually wanted Essie Marshmallow but couldn't find it, so I got this instead.  I haven't seen a comparison but it seems like they may be dupes.  I was originally going to do a jelly sandwich*.  I did 2 coats of Funny Bunny, one coat of a random iridescent glitter, another coat of FB, then 2 coats of China Glaze Snow Globe.  At this point I just couldn't bring myself to cover up the gorgeous sparkles of Snow Globe so I just stopped!  I'm a serious sucker for glitter!

I had a difficult time getting pictures of the different colors of glitter in Snow Globe.  I feel like this mani was sooo much prettier in real life!  Also, even though it was glittery, this mani was a nice palette cleanser after all my red and green and gold ones.  Hope you like it!

OPI Funny Bunny, China Glaze Snow Globe 
(indoors, artificial light, no flash)

 OPI Funny Bunny, China Glaze Snow Globe 
(close up, indirect sun)

OPI Funny Bunny, China Glaze Snow Globe 
(direct sunlight)

What are you favorite layering colors?

*This is where you do a base color, then glitter, then a thin layer of the jelly polish over the glitter, for anyone who may not have heard of a jelly sandwich.  The jelly polishes are sheer, so the glitter still shows, but it is muted and looks suspended in the base.

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