Sunday, November 27, 2011

Green and Gold Argyle Konad

Base: China Glaze Holly-day
Stamp: Color Club Gingerbread Man
Plate: Konad M60

Hi everyone!  This is going to be a shorter post, as I only have one photo of this mani for you today.  I broke the nail on my index finger yesterday so now I have a nubbin. :(  I'll likely be cropping at least part of that finger out of my photos until it grows out a little more.

For these nails I did a base color of China Glaze Holly-day from their Let It Snow collection.  This is actually only 1 coat of that color!  If I were to wear that by itself I probably would have done 2.  It dried so glossy and beautiful.  I then stamped the argyle pattern with Color Club Gingerbread Man, which is a Sally's exclusive from the Scentuous collection.  Yes, that's right, this polish is scented!  It really does smell like gingerbread cookies to me.

That's all for today guys, I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their weekend!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Red and Gold Glitter Gradient

Base: OPI Smitten with Mittens
Glitter: China Glaze Twinkle Lights
(Natural light)
Hi everyone!  I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving if you celebrated.  I certainly did and we have lots of tasty leftovers.  Now that Thanksgiving is over I am excited to start doing some holiday and winter nail designs.  My first one is a fairly easy glitter gradient.  I freehanded this but next time I think I will sponge the glitter on so I can get a less dense fade to the base color.  My base color is the somewhat HTF OPI Smitten with Mittens.  I was lucky enough to snag this polish on a dusty hunt.  It was from OPI's 2009 Holiday Wishes collection.  The glitter I used for the tips is China Glaze Twinkle Lights, another color from this year's holiday collection, Let It Snow.  It has gold, green and red glitter in it, but the gold dominates.

 OPI Smitten with Mittens, ChG Twinkle Lights
(Natural light, overcast)

 OPI Smitten with Mittens, ChG Twinkle Lights
(Direct sunlight)
 OPI Smitten with Mittens, ChG Twinkle Lights
(Intentionally blurred to show sparkle)
OPI Smitten with Mittens, ChG Twinkle Lights

Do you do holiday mani's in December?  If anyone has any requests for me please feel free to comment on my Facebook page (can be found in the sidebar) or email me!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Nfu-Oh Flakie Fall Layering

Nfu-Oh 49 layered over China Glaze Velvet Bow

Good morning!  Today I have a layered mani for you.  I used China Glaze Velvet Bow as my base color, which is part of their holiday 2011 collection, Let It Snow.  Velvet Bow is a deep red, and it is an interesting combo of a jelly and a cream finish.  It dries super shiny without base coat.  Then I layered a Nfu-Oh flakie in 49 over top.  This polish definitely needs some underwear, it has a very sheer lilac base.  The flakies flash all sorts of colors depending on what angle the light is hitting them.  I see orange, gold, light green, and emerald.  Its difficult to capture this on camera, but I did my best!  All the photos were taken with no flash indoors today.

Nfu-Oh polishes can be purchased at
 Nfu-Oh 49, China Glaze Velvet Bow

  Nfu-Oh 49, China Glaze Velvet Bow

  Nfu-Oh 49, China Glaze Velvet Bow

  Nfu-Oh 49, China Glaze Velvet Bow

Monday, November 21, 2011

Orly Fowl Play

Orly Fowl Play
Orly Fowl Play (indoors, artificial light)

Hello, readers! Today I have a more simple NOTD for you... I'm wearing 3 coats of Orly Fowl Play. FP was part of Orly's Birds of a Feather collection released this fall. It is a beautiful deep purple jelly with reddish orange flakies in it. It also has some glitters that flash blue and green, and a smaller silvery shimmer. It is a dupe for a more HTF OPI polish called Merry Midnight. I don't own that polish, but I am sure glad I grabbed this one! Be sure to check out the macro shot of it at the end of this post. Also, please excuse my slightly hair color stained hands... it has been busy at work and that is one of the hazards of being a hair stylist!
Orly Fowl Play
Orly Fowl Play (indoors, flash)
Orly Fowl Play Macro
Orly Fowl Play (macro, flash)
You are gonna want to click this one to enlarge it guys, the depth in this polish is awesome!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Fall Dotticure

dotting tools nails dotticure
Base color: Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Coco-a-Go-Go
Dots: China Glaze Cross Iron 360, CND Gold Chrome, CND Copper Chrome

Hello again!  I loved the fall colors that I used for my last mani so much that I decided to use them again for my next one.  I picked up some dotting tools from the beauty supply a couple weeks ago and had not tried them out yet, so I decided to play around with them!  I was very happy with how this turned out.  The dotting tools are really easy to use. I can't wait to try them out for other designs.
Thanksgiving fall nails dotticure brown copper
 The set of 5 dotting tools I got.
Base color: Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Coco-a-Go-Go
Dots: China Glaze Cross Iron 360, CND Gold Chrome, CND Copper Chrome

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Thanksgiving Inspired Konad

china glaze cross iron 360, fall, thanksgiving, konad, nails
 Base colors: China Glaze Cross Iron 360, Sally Hansen Coco-a-Go-Go
Stamp colors: SH CAGG, CND Gold Chrome, CND Copper Chrome
BM plates 19 and 04
(indoors, artificial light, no flash) 

Today I wanted to do one of my first seasonal manicures.  I am really looking forward to cooking (and then eating!!) Thanksgiving dinner with Mr. Sparkles next week, so I wanted to do something inspired by that.  I used some leaf designs from my Bundle Monster plates.

The orange nails with the brown stamp were done using one of the full nail designs on the BM19 plate.  The accent nails were stamped several times with a 3 leaf design from BM04.  I used both CND Copper Chrome and Gold Chrome for those, which are great to stamp with.

china glaze cross iron 360, fall, thanksgiving, konad, nails
 Base colors: China Glaze Cross Iron 360, Sally Hansen Coco-a-Go-Go
Stamp colors: SH CAGG, CND Gold Chrome, CND Copper Chrome
BM plates 19 and 04
(photo taken with flash)
china glaze cross iron 360, fall, thanksgiving, konad, nails
Base colors: China Glaze Cross Iron 360, Sally Hansen Coco-a-Go-Go
Stamp colors: SH CAGG, CND Gold Chrome, CND Copper Chrome
BM plates 19 and 04
(indoors, artificial light, no flash) 

I hope these nails get you into the Thanksgiving spirit!  What is your favorite part of the holiday?

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Stash and Storage

nail polish rack storage stash workspace
My current polish stash and storage.

Hello everyone!  Just wanted to share with you my polish workspace.  Mr. Sparkles was sweet and thoughtful enough to set up a whole table for me to use for cosmetic purposes.  He also helped me build a custom, free-standing polish rack.  We were inspired by a YouTube video tutorial by TheEasyDIY. (The video can be found here.)

After watching the video we decided to completely customize the design.  We began by counting my polishes. (67... more than I thought I had!!)  Next we measured the tallest bottles, so we could decide what the height of each shelf should be.  Then we measured the widest bottles, to decide how wide each shelf should be.  Pictured below is a plan we made in order to be sure we got the most use out of the single sheet of foam board.  Lastly, we added some feet to ensure stability.

nail polish rack storage organization plan blueprint
Nail polish rack blueprint 
(The large rectangle is the back of the unit; bottom rectangles are shelves; upper right hand rectangles are top, bottom, sides; bottom right rectangle was cut in half to make the feet.)

I am super happy with how it turned out.  It is very nice to have all my polishes lined up and be able to see all the colors.  I will soon run out of space on it though... I guess we will just have to build another!

How do you all store your polishes?  How big is your stash?

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Zoya Nail Mail, plus Ivanka

zoya ivanka
Zoya Ivanka (Indoors, artificial light, no flash)

Hello, Readers!  Today I want to share a new polish I received in the mail a couple days ago.  Zoya ran an awesome promo on Halloween where they gave everyone 2 free polishes, you only had to pay shipping.  How could I resist taking advantage of that!!  The polishes that I picked up were Pippa, a yellow cream, and Ivanka, an emerald green glass fleck.  Ivanka is from Zoya's Sparkle Collection, which also included Charla, Mimi, Alegra, Nidhi, and Gilda.  I already have Charla, and now that I have Ivanka I realized how much I *love* this finish!  It has the sparkle of a glitter polish, with a MUCH easier removal.  The first picture is most accurate of Ivanka's color, IMO.

I also picked up a bottle of Remove+ with my order, since I've been wanting to try it out, and I have read so many rave reviews.  After trying it for myself, I'm a convert.  It has a lavender scent to it, and when it dries down on my hand it doesn't even smell like I just used polish remover!  I'm amazed.  It's also non-drying.  I tried to make a homemade version of this stuff that involves adding glycerine to regular acetone, but as far as I'm concerned, it doesn't measure up.

Zoya products can be purchased on  A polish retails for $8 and the 8oz bottle of Remove+ retails for $9.99.

On to the pictures!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Leopard Print

OPI DS Glow stamped with SH Coco-a-Go-Go
Base: OPI DS Glow
Stamp color: Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Coco-a-Go-Go
Plate: M57

Good Morning, everyone!  Today I have my mani from yesterday to show you. It was my favorite, animal print!  I have loved animal prints for a loooong time, and that fact was actually what made me decide to get the Konad/Bundle Monster stamping stuff.  I was in love with all these cute zebra and leopard mani's I saw everyone doing with the M57 plate.  I was interested in the other designs as well, but the leopard print is certainly what pushed me over the edge.
When I first ordered the stamping stuff I was a little nervous!  I had read about people ordering and being so frustrated by them that they tried once and never used them again.  I tend to be very picky about things like that too, so I was really worried that if the designs weren't placed perfectly I would also become easily frustrated by the whole thing.  Once I got the stuff in the mail (I ordered all mine from Amazon) I gave it a try... I was pleasantly surprised at how easy I found it.  Now, I am certainly still working on my skills.  There are tricks that I am trying to learn, such as turning the stamp horizontally and stamping twice on my thumb nails when the design is not wide enough to cover my whole nail.
Anyway, for these nails I used an OPI DS polish called Glow.  It is a really pretty golden-copper foil.  Its very sparkly, and covered well enough for me in 2 coats.  Removal was much easier than a glitter polish, so it is a great alternative to that.  I love this color for fall.
My stamping polish was Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Coco-a-Go-Go which is one of their new fall shades.  It is a nice chocolate brown color with bronze shimmer to it.  I bought this specifically to use for stamping, since I had heard most Insta-Dri polishes are good for that, and I am happy with how it worked.
The rest of the photos after the jump! 

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Fauxnad - Starry Night

 (Indoors, Flash)
Base: 2 coats of OPI Roadhouse Blues
Stamp: Color Club Worth The Risque
Plates: BM14, BM20, BM21

I really enjoyed this mani.  I couldn't stop staring at my nails when I had it on, especially on my way to work when the sun was hitting them!  I thought the combo of the creme base and the holo stamp was so striking.  The Color Club holos are great for stamping.  I did attempt to use OPI DS Sapphire as my stamping polish when I first started this design, but it didn't show up the way I wanted it to.  I left it on my thumb nail, so you will see in the other pictures how the design was much less crisp.

First Post!

Hello Readers!  This is my first blog post and I am so excited to be starting up this new endeavor.
A bit of background about me: I'm 27, and live with my fiancé and our 2 kitties.  I work at a salon as a hairstylist in Houston, TX.  I have always been interested in hair, makeup and nails.  Lately I have been feeling very inspired by all this awesome nail art I see on other people's blogs (some of my favorites are Chalkboard Nails, Nailside, Chloe's Nails, Canadian Nail Fanatic, and Let Them Have Polish) and around the message boards on Makeup Alley.  I decided I wanted to join in on this fun and hopefully inspire some people with my own nail art!  I also want to continue to improve upon my skills, and learn new techniques.

Anyway, thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy my posts!