Thursday, January 12, 2012

Puccilicious Revvvolution

 Base: Color Club Puccilicious; Stamp: Color Club Revvvolution
Red Angel Plate RA-109

Hi guys!  I did this stamping the other day with my Red Angel plates.  I used Color Club Puccilicious as my base color, and Color Club Revvvolution to stamp.  The pattern was from the RA-109 plate.  I like this pattern, but this wasn't my favorite mani.  The colors didn't have enough contrast for the pattern to be visible from farther away.

These pictures were taken in the lightbox I built.  I have it lit with 2 100w Ott-Lite bulbs in some regular desk lamps.  I'm still trying to work on figuring out the best angles and light positioning.  Anyone have any tips on how they have theirs set up?

Color Club Puccilicious, Color Club Revvvolution; RA-109

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  1. This is so cool looking. I love that polish for stamping!


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