Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Nail Patch Nail Foils Review

Hello everyone!  Today I have a review for you.  I found these Nail Patch nail foils at a local nail supply store here in Houston.  I believe they are sold online at the Born Pretty Store website.  They had lots of patterns and most had a holographic foil finish.  There were 8 different sizes on the single sheet that came in the package, with 2 of each size, 16 foils total.

These are meant to be applied similar to Sally Hansen nail strips, with no heat.  However, I did see a video on how to apply these on YouTube (I believe it was from the BornPretty Store YT channel) which said to use a heat lamp or blow dryer.  I cleansed my nails with 90% alcohol before applying.  I didn't have too much trouble with application, although on my index finger I had some wrinkly spots that wouldn't smooth out.  I size each foil to my nail, applied and smoothed out with my finger and an orange stick, warmed with the dryer for about 10 seconds, then pulled and smoothed more.  Then I filed the excess off in a downward motion, just as directed on the package.

I was pretty happy with how these looked at first.  They were shiny, and holo, and cute!  I had applied these  at night before going to bed, and then I had work the next day.  By the time I got there at 1 pm, these were already driving me crazy!  Just from showering and washing my hair, they were already all lifting around the edges.  They very quickly deteriorated after that point.  I took them all off as soon as I got home from work.  Needless to say, I would not bother with these again.  They are supposed to last 11 days... I highly doubt anyone could get that kind of wear from these unless they wore gloves every time they put their hands in water.  And you can forget washing your hands!  So unfortunately, I can't recommend these to anyone, unless you only plan on wearing them for a couple hours!

I haven't tried the Sally Hansen strips, but I'm sure they are a better choice.  What do you guys think of nail strips or foils?  Do you have a favorite kind?


  1. I hadn't heard of this brand of strips before! The design is SO cool! I still haven't tried any nail strips but I have several Sally ones waiting in the line up, and a couple of Juleps ^.^

    1. I know, I LOVE the design! Too bad they didn't hold up to my lifestyle. :(

      I have tried the Dashing Diva Design FX too but haven't gotten around to the review yet... should do that soon.

  2. I would chew these off within five minutes. Yes, I eat foil.

  3. That design is adorable, too bad that didn't hold up at all. I bought a blue and a pink box of sally hansen nail strips because they were discounted to $3 at target. I want to try them, but I change my polish so often I don't think I would care for them. I intend to save them for a giveaway but the pink ones might end up on my nails at some point.

  4. SUch a shame, 'cause the pattern is precious. I used some Sally Hansen strips on my toes and they lasted for weeks!! Super cute and great for the summer when pools destroy my pedis.

  5. it looks beautiful, but i have some problems to apply it. it seems hard for me to put it on nails well.

  6. I love Jamberry Nail much that I became a consultant! They are made of non toxic vinyl and are applied with heat from a hair dryer and pressure and can last up to 2 weeks on fingers and six on toes! We carry over 300 designs, including French tips and even have them for little girls, age 3 and older.


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