Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Girly-Girl Challenge: Day 3, Delicate and Elegant

Base: OPI Funny Bunny, Stamp: Color Club Antiquated, RA-109
(light box) 

Hello again lovelies!  Here are my nails for the third day of the challenge.  Today's theme is Delicate and Elegant.  (Adorn yourself with a lovely pattern, color, or technique.)  I knew I wanted a light base with a gold stamping for this... to me the jelly white of OPI Funny Bunny is definitely one of the most delicate polishes I own, and the gold of Color Club Antiquated is certainly elegant.

I was really happy with how this turned out!  The stamp I used was from my Red Angel set, plate RA-109.    It is a pattern of flowers and vines which is so pretty.  This is probably one of the most feminine manis I've done, which I suppose is appropriate for the Girly-Girl Challenge!!

(natural indirect light) 

(natural indirect light) 

As usual, please check out the other lovely ladies participating in this challenge with me, they have all been coming up with some really great nail designs!!

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  1. Beautiful! Your design definitely combines both the elegant and the delicate aspect of today's challenge! ♥

  2. oh how pretty. it looks like a china pattern lol. i love it.

  3. This looks really elegant :) I really like the colour you used for stamping

  4. Just gorgeous Miss Ashley! I love it =]!

  5. I love Funny Bunny! It's not as intense as Alpine Snow so it really works for this mani

  6. gorgeous & elegant!!! just lovely.

  7. Beautiful! So delicate and lovely.

  8. I love this stamp and colour combo-- so delicate!


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