Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Girly-Girl Nail Art Challenge: Day 1, Think Pink

Hi Guys!  I have decided to participate in a nail art challenge that was created by Lindsey from Neverland Nail Blog.  It is a 4 week challenge, with 2 theme days per week.  I will be trying to post on Tuesdays and Thursdays, as are most of the other participants, I believe.  Everyone is free to choose the days they post on though, so there may be some different ones.

Day one requires you to use pink polish.  I decided to use China Glaze Strawberry Fields, because it is a gorgeous color and I don't reach for it enough.  I did 3 coats of that, and topped with one coat of OPI I Lily Love You.  Then I mattified the whole thing, because who doesn't love matte flakie polishes!  I use Essie Matte About You as my matte top coat.

 (Indoors, Flash)

I tried to choose a "girly" stamp, and used one I hadn't done before.  I used Konad M57 for the leopard lace design.  I stamped using Finger Paints Black Expressionism.

(Indoors, Flash)

The last picture is from my light box which washed out the color a bit, the flash photos are more true to the color of Strawberry Fields.  Its a bit easier to see the flakes and the design on the light box photo though.

(light box)

Check out everyone else who is participating:


  1. love the leopard/lace and Strawberry Fields w/ the OPI is a fantastic combo!! You go girl!!

  2. This is super pretty! I love Strawberry Fields on you =) I am new to your blog an am excited to do this challenge with you, xo!

  3. very girly. that lace is so cute.

  4. Love this mani! The Strawberry Fields is gorgeous and I love that we both went with leopard print but the lace in yours really girlifies (not a real word but go with it) it nicely.

    Looking forward to your blingy entry!

  5. Love your think pink mani! I am actually participating in this challenge also, but my blog didn't get added to the list until yesterday. I would love it if you could included me in your next post :) My blog is www.berrypolihsed.com, thanks!

    1. Of course! I had posted this before I knew there were more people added, but I will have the full list on all my future posts. :)


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