Friday, September 14, 2012

Attempting to Get Back To Blogging, plus A Water Marble

 China Glaze Gaga For Green, China Glaze Aquadelic, and OPI Suzi Loves Cowboys

Hello my lovely readers!  A big THANK YOU to all of you who have been sticking around during my transition period.  I am here in Stockholm now, we arrived about 2 weeks ago.  Unfortunately, I don't have regular access to the internet at the house where we are staying.  I can get online at Mr. Sparkles' university, but that is about an hour commute from where we reside.  Either way, I am going to make an attempt to get back into semi-regular posting.  I hope I'm able to keep up the way I want to.  If not, we expect to have more regular internet access within the next month or two.  So, onto the nails!

This is a marble I did quite a while ago actually.  I'm not sure why I never posted it, because I really liked how it came out!  I used China Glaze Gaga For Green, China Glaze Aquadelic, and OPI Suzi Loves Cowboys.  My favorite finger is actually the index finger, even though it didn't get much of the blue.  Hope you guys like it!


  1. I'm glad to see you back! This watermarble is absolutely beautiful I love it!

  2. Looove it and welcome back!!! You've been greatly missed. <3

  3. Beautiful marble! We've missed you!!

  4. You are still awesome with water marbling <3
    Hope all things are well and you are getting comfy there..

    Take care babe

  5. Nice look. Good for the fall actually. Have any of the Swedes asked you about your nails?


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