Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Design Seeds Water Marble Series: Autumn Fruits

Hi again!  Welcome back to my second Design Seeds inspired water marble.  I hope you guys are enjoying this series so far, and if you have any palettes that you've seen on DS and would like to see as a marble, please let me know!  As long as I have the necessary colors I'd be glad to oblige. :)

The board I used for inspiration this time is called Autumn Fruits.  I quite like the contrast of the bright berries on a leafless branch.  It makes me feel kind of festive because my mother used to decorate with branches and berries like this on our mantle in the winter.

For my marble I used a base of Zoya Dove.  Then I made my bulls-eye with Dove, China Glaze Jungle Queen, China Glaze Pointsettia, and China Glaze Velvet Bow.  They all played very nicely together in the water and I had no problem making my design.

The first two photos are shown with flash, this photo and the next photo were taken in natural light.  I think the actual color was somewhere between the two, not quite as vibrant as the first two, and less washed out than these last two.

I loved that one little tendril of red trailing down into the gray on my thumb!  (Also, I can never decide whether to write grey or gray, so I bounce back and forth between the two...)

Hope you enjoyed this!  Again, let me know if you have any requests, I'd love my readers to help me step out of my comfort zone.


  1. Would never have thought to put these colours together but they look awesome :)

  2. I wore something sooooooo similar at the weekend (but not as sharp!) I used pink rather than red, but same shapes, placement!! Looks fab.

  3. Simply beautiful! And your inspiration photo is lovely <3

  4. Fantastic!! Very interesting blend of colors. This is my new favorite!!

  5. Fantastic!! Very interesting blend of colors. This is my new favorite!!

  6. You are the most awesome water marble lady I have come across.. You are amazing girl haha always leave me so amazed at your work of art !! LOVE IT

  7. this is gorgeous - beautifully done xx


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