Monday, November 26, 2012

Girly Bits Ornamental My Dear Watson and Heirloom

Hello everyone!  It is holiday time, and you know what that means... New nail polish collections!  I got my mitts on two of the new Girly Bits Season of Sparkle polishes.  I will be showing you Ornamental My Dear Watson and Heirloom.  These are not the same holiday polishes you will see in every collection, and I love that!  In all of my photos I show just one coat of the GB polish over a base color.

First up, Ornamental My Dear Watson.  This is a fun multicolored glitter, with yellow, blue, pink, and matte lavender in there.  Pam, the creator, describes this as "A clear based glitterbomb, that includes every colour you might see on your tree."  I don't know what else to tell you about this polish other than it is GORGEOUS especially over white.

I layered OMDW over Orly Au Champagne (index and ring) and Orly Royal Navy (middle and pinkie).

Is this pairing beautiful or what?!

Love this refreshing, brightly colored holiday glitter.

Next up we've got Heirloom.  Pam's description is "A clear based glitter with all the vintage shades of a Victorian era Holiday."  This one has a lovely mix of silver, plum, and light pink.  Again, not your traditional holiday polish, but so beautiful.  I have not seen a mix like this done before and I am so glad to have it in my collection.  You can definitely wear both of these polishes year round!

I layered Heirloom over a bunch of different colors to show you how versatile it is.  I will list the combos below each macro shot.

Heirloom over S-OPI Frankly, I Don't Give A-dam.

Heirloom over OPI Suzi Loves Cowboys.

Heirloom over S-OPI Eve-y On The Eyes.

Heirloom over OPI Let Them Eat Rice Cake.

And finally, Heirloom over Zoya Veruschka.

These polishes are both selling for $10 from Pam, and a dollar or two more from her authorized distributors.

There are so many more beautiful colors in the Season of Sparkles collection, be sure to look at them in Pam's shop here:

If she is sold out they can also be found on Llarowe, Harlow & Co., Mei Mei's Signatures, and Overall Beauty.

You can follow Girly Bits at these links:

I am also hosting a Holiday Giveaway which starts today and includes both of these pretties!!  Go enter that


  1. Hi! When I saw the first picture I thought: this is the kind of glitter I don't like", but then I scroll down and eat my words, heirloom is gorgeous! I like every combination you did (with slight preference over grey).
    Thanks for this post!

    1. I'm so glad that you changed your mind! :)

  2. Ah, I love both but OMDW is amazing!! Great swatches :)

  3. i like the dark one <3 nice

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