Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Shimmer Polish Marilyn - Swatches and Review

Shimmer Polish Marilyn 

Hello there!  I'm back, with a brand new edition... of Shimmer Polish week!  Let's take a peek at Shimmer Polish Marilyn, shall we?

In my opinion, if any polish color should be named Marilyn, it is a red.  This polish instantly brought to mind the classic beauty of Marilyn Monroe for me.

Marilyn is a red microglitter in a red jelly base.  She may not be the most unique polish, but she sure is stunning anyway!  A classic, just like Ms. Monroe.

Again, in all of my Shimmer swatches I will show you a few different ways you can wear each polish.  On my index finger I have 3 coats with no base color.  On my middle finger I have a base color with one coat of the Shimmer.  On my ring finger I have a base color with two coats of the Shimmer.  On my pinkie I have one coat of black as a base with one coat of the Shimmer.

This is three coats of Marilyn on her own... This is my favorite way to wear this polish.  I think with jelly bases like this you get the most depth without using a base color.

Here we have two coats of Marilyn over one coat of Zoya Sooki.

Finally, Marilyn glittering away in direct sunlight.

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**These polishes were sent to me for review in exchange for my honest opinion and swatches.**

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  1. Pretty! :) Thanks for the various ways to wear Marilyn!


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