Thursday, January 10, 2013

New31DC: Day 10 - Geometric

Hey there!  We are ten days into the New31DC now, woohoo!  Today's theme is Geometric, and being the OTT person that I am, I decided I would use ALL THE SHAPES.

I wanted to do really fun, bright colors for these nails.  (I used 4 of my untried polishes!)  My base color is two coats of Ciaté Big Yellow Taxi, which is not really taxi yellow, and in my photos it looks a bit brighter than it really is.  It is something like a bright pastel yellow if that makes sense.

For my shapes I used China Glaze Def Defying, Creative Fantasy (over white since it is a jelly), and Surreal Appeal.  All these colors are from the Cirque Du Soleil collection which is out now.

I painted the shapes on randomly, and they were all hand painted with a small nail art brush.  These were so happy looking and fun to wear.  It was a great mani to brighten up some dreary winter days that we are having here in Stockholm.

Don't forget to see what all the other participants came up with for their Geometric nails!


  1. I love the shapes and the brightness of this design! All the colors work so well together!

  2. this is so fun and bright! aren't def defying and creative fantasy amazing in person? i drooled a little when i used them for the first time.

  3. love this. i just wanna crackle it. lol

  4. I really like this, it is so cute!

  5. cute! Love the combination of colors and design. You def did a great job on this one. Love it!

  6. The Surreal Fashion Nail Design is a Hit!

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