Friday, February 8, 2013

Glitter Chevrons with Dior Czarina Gold

Oh my gosh guys, so I had the most epic nail mail day a few days ago!  I didn't get a lot of things, but it was epic because I got 2 very awesome packages... one included that color changing polish I showed you the other day, and the other was Dior Czarina Gold, which my friend Marie-Luise from Lauriestrodes Fun With Nails surprised me with!  I may have teared up a little when I opened the box... I was so not expecting it and this is my very first high end polish!  I knew I had to do some nail art with this that still allowed the Dior to be very visible, and when I saw this post from Emma at Globe & Nail, I fell in love. This is my recreation of it.  BTW, if you are not following Emma already, you totally should be!!!  She is awesome.

This mani started with two coats of Dior Czarina Gold.  I top coated it and waited for it to dry.  On my pinkie nail I used tape to make the chevron pattern and painted China Glaze I Herd That over top.  When I tried to place the tape for my ring finger I couldn't get it the way I wanted, so I ended up freehanding the chevrons onto the rest of the nails with a small nail art brush.  Finally I added MASH Matte Top Coat to the tips with the brush directly from the bottle and then a small art brush to get the edges by the glitter.

Mine didn't come out nearly as perfect as Emma's did, but I like it anyway!  With the colors I think it ended up looking sort of military-ish.  Kinda cool!


  1. Wow it looks AMAZING!!! I really love the matte with the sparkles combo and I LOOOOOVE your colors here so much!!!

  2. I love these! The mix of colors and finishes is awesome.

  3. gorgeous, you totally did that mani justice!

  4. ooo that's very cute! i wanna try it :) i like tri-color designs and glitter


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