Sunday, February 3, 2013

OPI Spiderman Comparisons

Hey guys!  So I am going to work on posting some older material that I have now... I did some comparisons and manis that never got posted before we moved overseas, and they sort of fell through the cracks.  This is one of them... a comparison post with the two polishes I got from the OPI Spiderman collection last spring.

First I am comparing OPI Just Spotted the Lizard with Ozotic 507.  The OPI is shown on my index and ring finger, and the Ozotic is on my middle and pinkie.  I've shown 2 coats of each.

Depending on the lighting they can be very similar, but the Ozotic has a much more visible golden-green duochrome.  Also, JSTL has a bit more visible streaking.  In the end I chose only one of these to keep in my stash.  Care to guess what the winner was?

If you guessed the Ozotic, you are right.  In the end I just liked that one a bit better.

Next up we've got OPI Number One Nemesis and Revlon Carbonite.  Index and ring finger have 2 coats of NON and middle and pinkie have 2 coats of Carbonite.

These ones are also not quite dupes... Carbonite has a touch more warmth to it, but not as much depth as NON.  Again with these, I certainly think you don't need both, and I culled one from my collection after doing these swatches.

My keeper out of these two was Number One Nemesis due to it being a bit more interesting to look at.

So, I hope you liked this comparison post... I think this was something that my fans told me they would like to see more of, so I will have some more of these coming up soon!

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