Saturday, February 2, 2013

Sat-ART-Day: Amethyst Skittles

Hi there!  So now that the 31 Day Challenge is over, I will be back to participating in some weekly posts again.  Today The Crumpet's Nail Tarts return with our Sat-ART-Day Club.  Our theme is Amethyst Skittle nails, because the birth stone for February is amethyst.

My base for this mani is OPI DS Temptation... I have had this polish for a while, it was one of my first purchases when I really started getting into doing my nails.  I saw it advertised in a magazine and I just had to have it!  I have used it before, but never as a whole mani... I don't know what the heck I was waiting for!!  This color is just to die for.  It actually looks a bit more pink-purple in real life, but I couldn't get the camera to pick that up.

I decided since amethyst is a gem I wanted to paint a gem on my ring finger, and then I used 4 different geometric stamping images for my other fingers, all with a sort of diamond theme.

My ring finger was freehanded, and the stamping plates I used were Gals GA8 (thumb), GA9 (index), GA3 (middle), and GA13 (pinkie).  All the nail art was added with MASH Nail Art Polish in Black.

I'd love to hear what other kind of posts you would like to see from me now that I'm done with the challenge!

Don't forget to see what the rest of Sat-ART-Day Club came up with!


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