Monday, March 4, 2013

Bright Orange Stripes with Born Pretty Loose Glitter

Hey there!  So today is the official start of stripe week, and my collaborators The Crumpet and Manicurity will be posting stripes as well!  I'm going to make this a multi-purpose post and combine my stripes with a review of these loose glitters I received from the Born Pretty Store.

I got a set of 12 pots of loose glitter, which can be used for nail or makeup purposes.  The whole set retails for $6.14.  One thing to be aware of is that the colors are random and vary between each order.  I was sort of disappointed that 3 of mine seem to be quite similar, just slightly different shades of orange.  I don't believe that you are able to choose the colors you want to receive.  I wish I had gotten that darker purple that is in their product photos, it looks gorgeous.  A lot of the ones I received are sort of iridescent  and then 4 out of the 12 are more metallic jewel toned glitters.

This mani started off with two coats of Depend Nr. 350, a rich, shimmery orange.  It has a bit of a green shimmer, and tiny orange flakies in it.  A very pretty polish.  Once that was dry I taped off my ring finger with accent tape, painted one more coat of the orange over top, and then dipped my wet nail directly into the pot of glitter.  It stuck very well, and I just patted it down lightly with my finger, then removed the tape before anything started to dry.  I did fuss with the glitter a bit, pushing it into straighter lines with my other hand's nails where I had wonky lines.

I did not add top coat, and the glitter had this cool sugared look to it.  It was quite cool.  Also, this is an easy way to do your own textured nails.  I can't comment on the wear of the glitter without top coat, but it didn't seem to come off at all for the short time I had it on.

Don't forget that you can use my coupon code at Born Pretty Store to save 10% on your order!

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  1. I have some glitters myself but I'm never bothered to use them. It starts to get a bit messy for me that I just don't bother. Like the look of the glitters on your nail, it does indeed look sugary.

  2. WOAH!!! This is really such a gorgeous mani and I LOOOOOVE both this polish and your accent so much!!!
    Your pictures are so beautiful too!!!

  3. The mani is so pretty! The color is gorgeous and omg the glitter. Bummer you can't choose the colors of the glitter though. I don't mind a random selection but I wouldn't want too many similar colors.

  4. really love this. I have these glitters and would never have thought to use them for striping. Win Win !! xx

  5. smash! when did you re-do your blog? its effing awesome! i love the photo, looks just like you!

    1. Thanks Missy!! My designer friend from here made that for me, she is the best! I changed it maybe a week ago or so.

    2. she did a GREAT job - its so cute!!

  6. Loved this Idea! so creative, I just got these myself, I'll have to try that!


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