Sunday, March 3, 2013

China Glaze Tranzitions Gradient with Stripes

Hello loves!  So this week is going to be all about stripes here on the blog... my polish BFF Debbie, from The Crumpet, and I have decided to do another theme week during the first week of each month.  Emma from Manicurity will also be joining us!  This month we chose stripes.  We are not actually supposed to be starting until tomorrow, but I had some extra ideas so I may have a few additional posts.

I wanted to play around with the China Glaze Tranzitions polishes that my mother-in-law sent me recently, so I did this gradient with three of the colors.  I did one coat of white polish as my base, and then sponged on Split Perso-nail-ity, Modify Me, and Duplicity.  I did two coats of polish with my sponge.  Then I went back and added the stripes with top coat and a striping brush.

I actually wanted to redo this mani using striping tape for more crisp lines, but it didn't work out too well.  I think the longer you let these dry before adding top coat, the less color change you get.  Or it seemed that way to me anyway.  If you have these and don't like the for normal polishes or their color changing abilities... try them for stamping!  They work awesome!


  1. Cool gradient but I must say that I didn't see the color change until you said it and then I had to search. So I'm very disappointed in these color changing polishes from China Glaze. I wish they had some more color change, now it's too little, at least for me. :)

  2. The nails look amazing and I love the new look for the blog! :)

  3. Gorgeous! Love how even the layers are!

  4. The gradient is awesome! I really like the way it came out. I do wish China Glaze had made the color change more blatent, it is kinda hard to see the color change on some of the colors.


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