Thursday, March 21, 2013

Crumpet's Tri-Polish Challenge: Day 2, Gradients

Hey there!  So today is day two of  the Tri-Polish challenge with Crumpet's Nail Tarts.  I'm still using China Glaze Surreal Appeal, Def Defying, and Gothic Lolita.  I'm not super happy with how these turned out... seemed like a better idea in my head.  Anyway I hope they aren't too much of a fail!

I attempted a vertical gradient on my index and middle fingers... it was much tougher than I anticipated.  Maybe it was because the colors don't mix well, but I had such a tough time blending out the line.  I did the gradient with a sponge.

On my other fingers I did a reverse glitter gradient with something from my untried pile... Shimmer Polish Carmen.  I was surprised that it worked so well with all of my colors!  My favorite is the ring over DD though.

Yummy glitter!  I think Carmen is a great staple for my collection... it is a really gorgeous warmed gold, and it has lots of holo sparkle to it.

Let's check out the other Nail Tarts today!


  1. Love your glitter gradient! I just got some copper colored glitter yesterday and you just inspired me to do a gradient with it! ♥

  2. they are not a fail at all! Love that you went for a vertical gradient! :)
    and the glitter one is soooo cool! I've tried it once but failed miserably (haha) - yours just looks so awesome!


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