Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Lancôme Jolie Rosalie with Gals Stamping

Hey guys, just a quickie for you today... I did this mani a couple weeks back with my Gals stamping plates.  I love the designs on the plates but they aren't the best when my nails are long because of the half moon gap.  I am rubbish at lining the gap up so it looks intentional, so I run into a problem there.

For the base of this I used two coats of Lancôme Jolie Rosalie, which my lovely husband gave me for Valentine's Day.  It is a pretty coral-pink.  I stamped over it with China Glaze Modify Me and Gals plate GA-8.  I didn't add top coat.

I guess these plates will be reserved for use when my nails are a bit shorter for now, because the gaps drove me a bit crazy.


  1. I think the gaps look fab, especially on the thumb! You did a better job at lining them up than I would ;)

  2. The half moon on your thumbnail is perfect! I wish I was half as good at stamping as you are.

  3. that is just PRECISION stamping xx


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