Friday, May 3, 2013

Born Pretty Nail Foil Review

 Hey guys!  Today I'm reviewing another nail art product from the Born Pretty Store.  This time I got some nail foils to try.  You can find the foils that I got here, where they are sold for $2.99 per roll.  I chose to get #1 (green holo), #3 (light pink holo), and #6 (green, blue, and purple gradient).

Here is how they arrive, packaged in small, hard plastic, screw top jars.

When I removed the gradient one from the container, it was a little raggedy looking in some spots... like it lost a bit of color and was scratched.  The green and pink ones were not like that.

According to the BP site, you should use these by sticking them directly to your semi-dry nail polish.  Now I have not used nail foils before this, but I had always heard of using them with foil glue.  I don't have any of this, and these foils don't come with it, so I gave it a try on my tacky polish.

I waited until my second coat of polish was mostly dry to the touch, but not completely.  Then I started sticking the foils on.

All of my nails except my middle got messed up.  The green and pink holo foils did not come off easily onto the nail.  I had to press very hard to get them to stick, and that caused the parts that didn't stay to peel up some of my still dentable polish.  The only one that seemed to work decently was the gradient foil I chose.  It seems to have a different texture than the other two.  Maybe these would work fine if I used foil glue, but I can't say for sure.  I was really disappointed that these didn't work for me, because they looked so pretty in the jars.

So, if you have some foil glue, I'd say give these a go, they have some nice colors and patterns.  But I wouldn't recommend trying to just stick these to your polish because you will make a mess.

As usual, if you'd like to order something from Born Pretty, you can use my 10% off code.  Once ten people have used it, they will host a giveaway for my readers!



  1. I've never done foils before, but those look awesome!

  2. i have some foils coming too i think, i hope i dont struggle with them, im kind of nervous!

  3. Do they have a brown papery back to them? If they do, give the back a quick wipe with a cotton pad and polish remover, and that will come off. They're a lot easier to work with then.
    I love foils, but I have always used foil glue or the Best Glue Ever (craft glue that drys tacky)
    I don't know why BPS keep telling everyone to use polish! I've seen a few other bloggers who were told the same thing, and they've had the same results!

  4. I love it! It's look so groovy! :)


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