Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Digit-al Dozen Does Bling: Emerald Green Loose Glitter For A DIY Textured Look

Hello darlings!!  Wanna know how you can have glittery textured nails without any of the textured polishes that are out?  I've done this DIY version for my Bling post today.

So, for these nails all I did was paint my nail with base coat, and while that was still wet I dipped my finger into a jar of glitter.  I did two coats of this, putting more base coat over the first coat of glitter, then dipping again and using an old paint brush to dab the loose glitter over any bald spots.  I sort of pressed the glitter in with my finger as well.

I will warn you that cleaning this up was a complete mess.  I had glitter everywhere, and I was afraid to wash my hands to vigorously because I didn't know if the glitter would come off my nails in the process.  I will also say that I did not wear this for any long period of time, so I can't speak to the lasting ability.  It looked really cool though!

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  1. I've got the same thing on my toes at the moment. Topcoat is your friend and makes it look like one of those glittery fairground rides.


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