Thursday, June 6, 2013

Dexter Week: Let's Give The Boy A Hand

Welcome back to Dexter Week!  Today I've done a mani inspired by this really awesome retro styled Dexter poster I found online when googling for art ideas.  I loved the poster based on season one, so I did two bits of it as manis, one for today and one for tomorrow.

Today's depicts a scene from season one where Dex is called to a crime scene with a severed hand on a lounge chair on the beach.  I thought the contrast of the imagery was really neat here... a bloody severed hand surrounded by palm trees and beach toys.

The base of this mani is one coat of Zoya Sooki, and the rest of the details were all freehanded with acrylic paints.

Don't forget to see what my super talented friends are coming up with this week!

Debbie at The Crumpet
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Emma at Manicurity


  1. I love the severed hand on the lounge chair!

  2. Great work Ashley. You've set the scene well on your nails!

  3. this is so cool, and so is that poster!
    i loved these murders on the show when they kept finding all those weird body parts all staged around the city. awesome!

  4. Spooky, I did almost exactly the same thing a few months ago :) They are from the screen print for season one.


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