Monday, June 3, 2013

Dexter Week: Wrapped Up In Plastic

 Hi darlings!!  So this week is going to be Dexter Week on the blog, as the final season starts at the end of the month.  Who else is excited to see how they wrap up this series?

Dexter has been one of my favorite shows since it started, and I got Mr. Sparkles hooked on it when we started dating as well.  I think I will feel really sad when its over... a series ending is like loosing a friend sometimes, isn't it?  (Books do this to me as well... I miss the characters terribly when they're through!)

Anyway, this mani was inspired by how Dexter wraps his victims up in plastic before giving them the stabby-stabs!  Clearly it isn't very wearable with the plastic still on, but I've included some photos after removing that if you keep reading.

These started off with a base of Gina Tricot Cream, a nice off white with a subtle shimmer.  Once that was completely dry I painted China Glaze Velvet Bow over top, and then while that was still wet, wrapped each nail with a strip of plastic wrap.

Here they are with the plastic removed... I left the mess because, well, it looked good and bloody!

So, stay tuned for more Dexter themed nail art this week, and check out my other friends who are doing this mini-challenge with me!

Debbie at The Crumpet
Missy at Gnarly Gnails
Emma at Manicurity


  1. ooooh i like the after as well ... hhmmmmm must remember mwahahahha

  2. LUB THIS!! Of course, I did something similar today! Didn't we do this last time too!? (same thing, same week?) I like how yours goes all the way around!

  3. Is that what they are supposed to look like? I am confused? I mean no offense at all please. But...they look like a little girl painted your nails? Please explain.

    1. No offense right back, but did you even read the post?

  4. I like the before AND after! Really love the texture :D

  5. OMG!! This is genius, I love it!

  6. Do I have to wait until the red is completely dry to remove the wrap? It's so cool!


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