Monday, August 12, 2013

The Digit-al Dozen Does Fashion: Betsey Johnson Inspired Spun Sugar

Hi guys!!! Its Digit-al Dozen week again, and this month our theme is Fashion.  I am not the world's biggest fashion lover by any means.  I definitely like my fashion with a rocker edge to it though, so pretty much my favorite designer is Betsey Johnson.  So, I've decided to do a whole Betsey week for you this week!

All of my manis were inspired by pieces that I found by Google Image searching "Betsey Johnson 2013".  First up we have this amazing dress:

Gah I just love this one!  So to get the look, I did a gradient as my base.  I used OPI Funny Bunny, with China Glaze Beach Cruise-r for that.  Then I did the Spun Sugar techique with Orly Snow Cone.  I didn't put any top coat since that ruins the texture of the look.

The thumb and pinky were a little lumpy, I think I should have let the polish thicken more before I started those two, but oh well.

Don't forget to see what my super talented friends came up with this week too!


  1. These are so perfect! Fabulous job! I love it!

  2. Perfect! Love everything about it :D

  3. Love it!!! The colours are amazing ♥

  4. Chalkboard nails has done something very very similar to this! But nonetheless it looks really cool :)

    1. Oh I must have missed seeing that one! It's a pretty cool dress, so I'm not surprised we had the same idea. :)

  5. love it ashley! i think you did a fab job on it!!! <3

  6. I'm thinking spun sugar definitely works better on nails than it does on dresses made of netting!

  7. LOVE! Don't ask me about my spun sugar technique. I'm very self conscious about it. LOL


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