Monday, September 9, 2013

Guest Post from Jen of My Nail Polish Obsession

Hello lovely readers! I'm Jen from My Nail Polish Obsession.  I'm so happy to be here and to help Smashley Sparkles out with a guest post!  I picked out these particular polishes for a few reasons so keep on reading to find out why.  I hope you enjoy my post!  If you do you can stop by My Nail Polish Obsession blog, Facebook and Instagram to see other nail posts and shennanigans I get in to.  

I know Ashley loves the color purple and Lynnderella polish so I decided to pair the two together for a fun and pretty mani.  So I decided to start this mani with purple.  This is Catrice Forget Me Not.  It's a gorgeous deep grape purple with a metallic finish.  The color is so saturated and sparkly, the formula was perfect and it went on like a dream!  If you use a thick coat you can get away with 1, but I err on the light handed side so I used 2 coats.  Then I used one of the new Lynnderella's from the Once Upon A Prince and More ManCandy collection.  Oh Eric…! was one of my top choices because I am a big fan of Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgard).  Oh and hello he's from Sweden, where our dear Smashley currently resides!  So that made the choice of glitter topper even more perfect.  Oh Eric…! is a blend of "red metallic with neon pink, purple and red glitters in a pink-shimmered translucent red base."  It's packed full of stars, squares, hexs, diamonds and circles.  I even got a couple hearts on my right hand!  It's gorgeous and I absolutely love it over the purple base.  I used 2 coats of Oh Eric…! and finished off with 2 layers of topcoats (6 layers of polish total for those of you who are counting).  On to the pictures…enjoy!

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Thanks Jen, what a gorgeous mani!  I love that combo!  I really like that you put so much thought into it, so sweet.  Big thanks to you for your guest post!

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  1. To me, as long as the polish stays on my nails I'm happy. Who cares how many coats right? I was iffy about this Lynn but it really looks great over the purple. Hmmm, I just bought The Full Minty so this beauty will have to wait.


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