Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Guest Post from Missy of Gnarly Gnails

 Hi guys!  Today's guest post is from my second polish bestie, Missy from Gnarly Gnails.  She's got a super awesome Lynnderella to show you, and now I'm really really glad that I have this polish waiting for me to arrive at my mom's house in the US!  Big thanks to Missy for doing this post for me! <3


Hi there folks! I'm Missy from Gnarly Gnails and today I am doing a super special guest post for a super special girl - Smashley! I hope she is having a blast wherever she is right now in the states! I'm bummed we won't have a chance to meet up while she is so close-by, but I know one day it WILL happen - cuz she rules.
Anyway - Ashley and I both share a slight love for Lynnderella polishes - so when she asked me to guest post it was obvious what needed to be done...Behold...Lynnderella Girl-Boy Party!
Here is Lynnderella Girl-Boy Party on its own. It's a VERY heavy coat, dabbed on and it's thick! But it dried down pretty bearable. I would however, suggest you dab it lighter and do more than one coat. It took a LONG time to dry. But it was worth it, yes?!
This polish has a ton of awesome in it, like most Lynnderella's do. Hearts, stars...I love em. It's a spin on an older polish called Boy-Girl Party which I craved really bad and just never bought. But this came in a twinset with another polish I was dying over, so win win for waiting!
I then decided to test out one of my new MoYou London large stamping plates - which if you haven't heard of these yet, go now and seek glorious enlightenment, they're AMAZING. So yeah...bottom right corner image is the one I used because it's on the Sailor plate and is sorta nautical which for some reason I seem to associate with Ashley.
How amazing is this stamping image?! It's like a mirror frame! I used Konad special black polish for the stamped design and finished with a coat of Out the Door top coat.
So thanks Ashley for letting me show off this beautiful polish and maybe even introduce a few people to the new MoYou plates! Thanks guys!! 
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