Friday, October 4, 2013

Emily de Molly Rhodium

Hi guys!!  I am finally back from our holiday in the US visiting all of our family, and we had so much fun.  I'm glad to be back home with our kitty cats now though.  I hope to quickly get back into the swing of regular blog posting.  I also hope you enjoyed the guest posts I had for you while I was gone!

Today I have a swatch of a really pretty Emily de Molly glitter topper for you!

This is Emily de Molly Rhodium.  This is a mix of silver holographic, charcoal, and lavender glitters in a clear base.  There are some really large silver holo squares which look really awesome.  As with most larger glitters, some fishing is required, but I didn't put too much effort into getting that one on my index finger and thumb.

I really liked this glitter.  It was easy to work with and you can layer it over whatever you want since silver will go with pretty much anything.  The holo pieces were plenty holo, I can totally see myself getting distracted by this polish if I wore it during the day, haha.

I've shown it layered over two coats of Depend Nr. 2076, which is gorgeous but stained like a bitch!  And I used base coat and it was only on for a short period of time for just swatching.  The color is awesome and just glows, but I will definitely be doubling up on the base coat if I use this again.

(direct sunlight)

 (indirect natural light)

(indirect natural light)

This and other Emily de Molly polishes are available from Norway Nails.  If you are ordering from NN you can always feel free to use my 10% off code, which is SMASHLEY10.

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