Monday, October 21, 2013

Lynnderella Violet was the WILD One

Hello darlings!  Today I want to share a gorgeous polish with you that I am super lucky to have swapped for...  This amazing purple and green epicness is Lynnderella Violet was the WILD One.  Lynn describes this as "a complicated mixture of violet, purple, green, black and white glitters with iridescent blue sparks and scattered multiglitter. All in a clear multi-shimmer base with holographic microglitter." 

I have shown one coat over Color Club Disco Dress and China Glaze Def Defying.  I almost always top my Lynns with Dior Gel Coat to smooth the glitter, and this was no exception.  I will say that this mani wore like IRON for me... I can hardly go one day without getting some chips or something, and I think IIRC, that this wore with no chips and minor tip wear for something like 5 days.

I was dying for this polish pretty much as soon as I saw it since its my favorite color combo.  I love the neon green stars, and there are some big holo purple dots in there too.  One of those is shown in one of the macros below.  My favorite thing about Lynn glitters like this is that there can be awesome surprises in them, stuff you didn't see and then you randomly pull something out onto your nail and you're like "WHOA, there are big old holo dots in here?! Who knew!?".  That is so fun to me.

I love that mutli-colored, holographic microglitter!

See the iridescent blue shimmer in the base?  It looks like tiny flakies to me... Soooo pretty!

And here is a macro bottle shot I took when I was playing around with a friend's camera.  Debating on getting a new camera, and his was a point and shoot, but it had a really epic macro setting.  What do you think of that shot?

Since this polish is a limited edition, it is only available from the Lynnderella Ebay Store in an auction style listing.  Prices vary depending on the auction.  Happy bidding if you try to snag this one! :)


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