Sunday, November 3, 2013

Norway Nails Diabetes Awareness Art

Hello lovely people!  Today's post is some nail art that I am entering into a contest. 

Wenche from Norway Nails has decided to have a nail art contest to raise awareness for World Diabetes Day.  Anyone can enter, you don't have to be a blogger.  If you'd like to read more about the contest, you should check out the Norway Nails Facebook page.  For more information about World Diabetes Day (which is on November 14th) and Diabetes Awareness, please have a look at the International Diabetes Federation site.

For this nail art I have used OPI Funny Bunny, OPI Ogre-the-Top Blue, Shimmer Polish Stephanie, and China Glaze Ride the Waves.  I did a skittle design using several different techniques.
  • Thumb: This is actually a pond mani, and I have done one coat of Funny Bunny, followed with some dots of Ogre, and then repeated that 3 times.
  • Index:  Two coats of Ogre, stamped with white and Gals GA-26.
  • Middle:  One coat of Funny Bunny, then water marbled with FB and Ogre.
  • Ring: This design is the logo for World Diabetes Day.  I've used two coats of Funny Bunny, and then made the ring using a hole reinforcement sticker and Ogre with a small nail art brush.
  • Pinkie:  One coat of Ogre, one coat of Stephanie, and one coat of Ride the Waves to make a blue jelly sandwich.
So, I hope you like this art, and I hope this has gotten you thinking about or learning more about Diabetes today!  Good luck to everyone else who decides to enter the competition.


  1. Pretty mani for a good cause!
    I haven't quite decided whether to participate or not, but I wish you best of luck :)

  2. ooh so cute! i love the different designs!


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