Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Picture Polish Wednesday: Hope

 Hi guys!  Welcome to the 2nd Picture Polish Wednesday.  Today I am featuring the beautiful Picture Polish Hope.

Hope is a navy blue base filled with the same holographic micro shards as O'Hara and a bunch of their other polishes.  Hope also has some small blue hex glitters mixed in, although I didn't get many of those on my nail.  I suspect that they are stuck to the side of my bottle, because I see them in there, but even scraping the inside of the bottle with a paperclip didn't seem to dislodge them.  Either way this polish is gorgeous... it looked like the most beautiful night sky.  I've shown two coats here.

Since it looked like the night sky I couldn't resist stamping some stars on it.  I use MoYou Princess 13 plate, and China Glaze Icicle to stamp with, and then I added a coat of OPI Matte Top Coat over everything.

Picture Polish is available from a number of online retailers which can be found on their network page.  You can also choose to purchase directly from their website.


  1. This is stunning! Hope is unbelievably pretty

  2. Omg, I LOVE that polish! It's so beautiful.

  3. What a gorgeous polish! It definitely looks like an awesome night sky ~


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