Sunday, December 29, 2013

Lilypad Lacquer Vixens Wear Violet

Hello there!  I've got a quick swatch for you today.  This is a lovely polish from Lilypad Lacquer.  LL is based in Australia but does ship internationally when her Etsy shop is open and also has some international distributors.

This is Lilypad Lacquer Vixens Wear Violet, which is a purple holo with some extra sparkle to it.  It looks to me almost like a bit of glass fleck in it.  On her Etsy site she says it has a pink sparkle to it... To my eye the sparkle can look pink or purple depending on the light though.  This polish was easy to apply, no issues with formula at all, and I've shown two coats here.

Lilypad Lacquer is available from Norway Nails.  If you decide to purchase from Norway Nails you can use my code, SMASHLEY10, to receive 10% off your entire order.


  1. really fabulous photos - this looks amazing xx

  2. Wow thats such a lovely colour - I think I'm going to have to add it to my want list!!

  3. This is stunning! Gorgeous swatch!

  4. This is such a gorgeous purple! It's so intense.


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