Thursday, February 28, 2013

Linda Johansen Nail Candy Razzle Dazzle

Hi lovelies!!  I just got this super awesome polish in the mail yesterday, and I couldn't wait to try it out. Luckily, the sun was out today, and I got to test this baby out in all its glory.  This liquid gorgeousness is Linda Johansen Nail Candy Razzle Dazzle.

Linda Johansen is a Norwegian brand, which is a bit on the newer side... I believe they have only been around since last spring.  You can now find these for sale at Norway Nails and I suggest that if you love purple, and you love holo, that you RUN to get this one before it is sold out!  Razzle Dazzle may have just become my favorite polish in my collection...

The formula on this polish was fabulous... I used three coats for photos, but I think it would have been fine with two.  It was self-leveling and easy to work with.  The holo bits are flakes rather than uniform glitter, and I love that.

All of the above photos are in direct sunlight, which is where this polish really shines (and sparkles, hehe!).  Below is one in shade.  The holo does still show under incandescent lighting, it just isn't as strong as sunlight.

I can't wait to try more polishes from this brand, but I really think this is the stand out of their line.

Again, you can find this polish, along with many others from Linda Johansen, for sale at Norway Nails.  They retail for 139 NOK.  Norway Nails will ship to places other than Scandinavia, you just have to send her a message, so don't worry about not being able to get this if you are in Europe or the US!

*This product was provided to me in exchange for my honest opinion.*

Rainbow Honey 20% Cooler and Sakura Matsuri

Hey there!  Today I've got some swatches of a couple polishes I won in a giveaway from Norway Nails!  Norway Nails is a new distributor website, which carries a bunch of different brands including Rainbow Honey, Picture Polish, Man Glaze, A England, Femme Fatale, Pretty Serious, and some others.  Her prices are pretty on par with any store here in Scandinavia, taxes are so high that prices are forced to be as well.  The benefits of ordering from Wenche are beautiful packaging, great customer service, and faster shipping than ordering from the US.  Now that international shipping prices have gone up so much, I can't save too much by shopping from the US.  Norway Nails also ships places other than Scandinavia, you just need to send her a message to order.  So, on to the swatches!

These are my first Rainbow Honey polishes.  The first one is Sakura Matsuri, "The Sakura Matsuri Namesake is full of pink and white blossoms, adorned by holographic and iridescent glitters."  This polish is very pretty and delicate.  I chose to layer one coat over a peach base, H&M Make Me Blush from the Snow White collection.  I used 2 coats of MMB.  The flowers were easy to get out of the bottle and lie mostly flat on my curved nails.  The edges may have stuck up a bit, but nothing terribly annoying.

The second polish I won is 20% Cooler, "A shimmery and sheer light blue base with a veritable rainbow of glitter that promises to make any old manicure at least 20% Cooler."  I love that this is quite literal, because the blue shimmer will make your base polish a cooler tone!  The base I used for this is Lancôme Gris Angora, which is a sort of purple toned gray.  I love a multi-colored glitter, so this one was definitely my favorite of the two.  This is one coat over two coats of GA.

So thank you very much to Norway Nails for having such awesome giveaways!

For more info follow Norway Nails on Facebook.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I Love Nail Polish Berry Sweet

Hi again!  Today I'm showing you the 3rd and final I <3 NP shade I got, which is Berry Sweet.  Berry Sweet has small berry hexes, vibrant pink squares, and royal purple shards.  This one was the least dense glitterwise, so if you like to be able to build coverage up more slowly this one is for you.  I've shown one coat dabbed over OPI Suzi Loves Cowboys and Depend 346 (a medium pink).

You can purchase I Love Nail Polish polishes on Etsy, and you can find more info about the brand on their Facebook page or on the I<3NP blog.

*Some of the products shown in this post were provided to me in exchange for my honest opinion.*

Monday, February 25, 2013

I Love Nail Polish Talk Purple To Me

Hi again!  Here is the second I Love NP shade that I have to show you.  This one is called Talk Purple To Me.

TPTM has a mix of purple glitters, along with some purple holo glitter and some black squares.  I love the sparkle that the holo glitters add to this polish.  I did notice that the large purple squares have a bit of curling.  They have just the slightest curl to them... I used two coats of Seche over top to smooth the corners that were poking up.  They didn't bother me after that.

The colors I have shown this glitter over are China Glaze For Audrey and Depend 354.

Like I said in my last review, these polishes do have a bit of a stronger smell to them, even though they are 3-free.  So if you are sensitive to smell, you will want to be aware of that.

You can purchase I Love Nail Polish polishes on Etsy, and you can find more info about the brand on their Facebook page or on the I<3NP blog.

*Some of the products shown in this post were provided to me in exchange for my honest opinion.*

Sunday, February 24, 2013

I Love Nail Polish Babes in Toyland

Hey there! Today I am showing you the first of three I <3 NP polishes that I got recently.  These are my first from this brand, which I think has very nice glitter mixes.  This one was my favorite, so I had to wear it first.  It is Babes In Toyland from the Winter collection.

BIT has a fun mix of jewel toned glitters in different shapes and sizes.  There are squares, hexes, and CIRCLES!!  I am so obsessed with circle glitter lately, it feels new and fun.  I didn't have any trouble with application... the polishes are a bit on the thick side, but that didn't make them difficult to work with by any means.  I have shown you one coat, which I applied with the dabbing method.  I do tend to fuss with most glitter polishes to spread them out until they are pleasing to me, and I did that with this as well.  Another thing to mention is that they do have a stronger smell than some other polishes.  It didn't bother me, but I think being a hair stylist and around chemicals almost daily, those types of smells don't affect me as much.  The polishes ARE 3-free though.

I wanted to show this over a few different layering options, so I did a skittlette gradient for the base.  I used China Glaze Def Defying and OPI Roadhouse Blues (which turned a blackened green-blue in the gradient since I applied it over Def Defying.).

You can purchase I Love Nail Polish polishes on Etsy, and you can find more info about the brand on their Facebook page or on the I<3NP blog.

*Some of the products shown in this post were provided to me in exchange for my honest opinion.*

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Sat-ART-day Club: The 1960's

Hi guys! I'm squeaking in just before midnight here with my Sat-ART-day mani for this week.  Our theme was the 1960's, which makes me think of psychedelic, bright colors, and flower power!

This mani is all freehand, with a nail art brush from Born Pretty store, which I will be reviewing soon!  I used two coats of MASH Nail Art Polish in White as my base, and then I painted on the flowers and green squigglies.  The colors I used are all China Glaze, and they are Love's A Beach, Sun Worshiper, Sun-Kissed, I'm With The Lifeguard, Towel Boy Toy, and Beach Cruise-r.

I hope you enjoy this bright, happy mani, and let's go see what the other members have come up with!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Ciaté Cabaret with Copper Sunbursts

Hey guys!  I've been playing around with my new XL stamper that my friend Jin from Superficially Colorful sent me... stamping is so much easier for me now that I have it!  I'm thrilled.  If you have a stronger curve to your nail this stamper is much squishier and allows the design to transfer to the edges of the nail more easily.  If you are interested in purchasing one of these, they are available through Ninja Polish... they are currently out of stock but Rhonni is hoping to have them available by early March.  Anyway, this is just a quick mani that I came up with while testing the stamper.

My base color for this is two coats of Ciaté Cabaret.  When I saw this one in the advent calendar it wasn't an instant favorite, which is probably why it was still in my untried pile.  BUT, once I put it on my nails I really liked it!  I must say, I am super impressed with the quality of all the Ciaté polishes I have tried from the advent calendar.  That definitely won me over to the brand.

I stamped with CND Copper Chrome, and the Gals plates GA35 and GA37 from their Fairy set.

Do you have any Ciaté polishes?  Which colors are your favorite?  I've actually just purchased the Ciaté White Chocolate Nourishing & Gentle Nail Polish Remover (what a mouthful that name is!) so I will have to let you guys know how that works for me once I try it.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Girly Bits Eggnogoholic, Long Winter's Nap, Visions of Sugar Plums

Hi guys!! Today I want to share some swatches of a few more polishes from the Girly Bits Season of Sparkle collection.  (I have already shown you Heirloom and Ornamental My Dear Watson a few months ago.)  Can I just say that I love that this collection was a holiday collection but the polishes are versatile and can definitely be worn year round.  My sweet friend Ana from one of my polish groups gifted me these pretties because she knew they were on my wishlist.  Keep reading to see three more of my picks from this collection!

First up, Visions of Sugar Plums!  I knew as soon as I saw bottle shots of this polish that I wanted it.  It is so unique, and of course PURPLE!!  I had a hard time getting color accurate shots of this one.  The base is much more of a pink toned purple than most of my photos show.  The final two photos of this one are the most accurate.

VoSP is a jelly base packed with iridescent and those glowy blue glitters.  I've shown you three coats with no undies, because I love the depth of building up jellies with glitter in them.

Could you just die, or what?!

Next up, Long Winter's Nap.  This one is a gray base, with silver and blue glitters.  It definitely reminds me of a gray, icy winter day.  I believe this was two coats of LWN, but I can't quite remember.  Should have written that one down!

Finally, we have Eggnogoholic.  This is an ivory base with different sized gold glitters in it.  This one was SO beautiful... I really didn't want to take it off.  It looked so soft and delicate on my fingertips.  I just felt comforted by this polish.  I've shown 3 coats.

So, which of this collection were your favorites?

These are still available for $10 each at, as well as from Llarowe, and Harlow & Co.