Sunday, January 5, 2014

Superficially Colorful Lacquers Swatch Spam

Hello lovelies!  Today I have some very special polishes to show you.  You may remember me posting about an awesome thermal polish called Fascinated, which I got from my friend Jin, who blogs at Superficially Colorful.  Over the summer I received several more bottles of Superficially Colorful Lacquer from Jin, and I just love all of them.  This post is going to be pretty pic heavy, but I promise its worth looking through them!

The polishes I've gotten from Jin this summer are called Enthralled, Daring, Impulsive, Meditative, and Provocative.  They all dry matte naturally, but look amazing with top coat as well.

For each polish I'm going to show you 4 photos.  The order will be the same for each, warm and cold without top coat, and then warm and cold with top coat.  All polishes are shown with two coats.

Enthralled is a red to brown thermal polish with a beautiful golden shimmer.  It turns red when its warm and brown when its cold.  I'm just in love with the color it is when its cold, the brown is so rich and the gold shimmer is amazing.

Daring is a yellow to orange thermal polish with a glass fleck finish.  It turns bright yellow when it is warm and orange when it is cold.  When it is orange you can see a slight flash of pink in the glass fleck.

Impulsive is a lime green to grass green thermal polish with gold shimmer.  It turns a bright lime green when its warm and a deeper green when its cold.  Its really hard for me to pick favorites because I love all these polishes, but this is one of my top loves.

Meditative is a green to teal thermal polish with a green shimmer.  It turns a light olive green when it is warm and a deep teal blue when it is cold.  I don't know why but this one makes me think of dragons, like the color green is the perfect dragon skin green.

Provocative is a light purple to dark purple thermal polish with a purple shimmer.  It turns a lighter purple when it is warm and a deep, dark purple when it is cold.  The shimmer has flashes of blue and pink, and I thought I even saw some green sparks in there occasionally.  Of course this is another of my top picks, because, well, purple!

As of the time of posting Jin is not yet producing these for sale, but maybe if we bug her for long enough she will give in! ;)  I know I would buy every color she puts out!

Which ones are your favorites?


  1. Meditative is my favourite, I love the green colour shift to dark blue :) They all look great with a top coat, it makes the sparkles in the polish pop!

  2. oh my gosh. I have some of these but need ALL OF THEM!

  3. ah!!! i have had mine forever and still not used them! bad me!! they look fab on you!

  4. AHHHH I can't wait to play with mine! I feel ashamed...I didn't realize they were thermals because I hadn't read about them or opened them yet!! GOTTA GO PLAY ASAP! :D


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