Sunday, June 8, 2014

Superficially Colorful Lacquer: My Favorite Things Collection, Part 2

Hi guys! Today I have the second half of a recent collection from Superficially Colorful Lacquer. This collection is called My Favorite Things, and includes 12 holographic micro glitters in jelly bases. All the polishes are named for some of Jin's best friends. I've shown each polish with two coats, some have top coat and some don't, but they look best with top coat in my opinion. They don't dry particularly gritty though, so they will be nice and smooth with any top coat.

 British Chocs - is an orange holographic glitter in juicy orange jelly base.

 I’ve Never Been Ginger! - is a tardis blue and holographic glitter in a dark blue jelly base.

"Erase your dirty thoughts!  Twitter Licker is a name for those addicted lacquerheads like myself who drool over the gorgeous manicures people post!"

Twitter Licker - is a medium – light blue glitter with light holographic qualities in very light blue, almost clear base.

Yous Dearhearts - is a holographic gold micro glitter and sparse golden hearts in an amber jelly base.

Imaginary Narwhals - is a silvery holographic micro glitter polish with occasional silver stars in clear base.

Hot Italian Lady - is a fiery red holographic glitter, golden stars and dots in hot red jelly base. I would personally say this leans much more orange than red though.

The formula on every polish in this collection was great, although as you can see in my photos some are more dense than others. From this half of the collection my favorites were Yous Dearhearts and British Chocs.

These polishes are available for purchase on The Superficially Colorful site for $9 a piece. She ships from Israel but will send worldwide, and has very reasonable shipping costs.

Which ones are your favorites from this half of the collection?


  1. These are all gorgeous, I could pick a fave :) Your manis & photos are amazing!

  2. Oops, typo there :( I could NOT pick a fave, your review makes me want them all!


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