Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Digit-al Dozen Does Metal: Throw up the Horns!

Hey guys! We are on day 4 of Digit-al Dozen's Metal week, and I've decided to use the metal "horns" symbol from the music community as my inspiration today. \m/, dude!

My base for this mani is my go-to one coat black, Cult Nails Nevermore. I did my art with acrylic paints for more accuracy. I've done the metal hand sign across my middle and ring fingers, and the other two accent nails are meant to look like a sound wave. I think this would be a fun mani to wear to a concert some time. :)

Let's see what everyone else's interpretations look like today, shall we?


  1. This is very cute! You should wear it to a concert, I bet lots of people would notice it!

  2. SO COOL! This was on my list of inspirations for the week (along with other things I failed at! haha) but I never attempted! Great job :D

  3. Rock on! Stick-it-to-the-man-itis! Love it!

  4. Great horns! They would be very cool at a concert!


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