Monday, June 30, 2014

Zoya Tickled and Bubbly Layering... Mattified!

Hi guys!! I'm sure you have seen swatches of the Zoya Tickled and Bubbly collections on many blogs by now, so I decided to show you them in a bit of a different way. I swatched each of the cremes (Tickled collection) using two coats, and then added one coat of the corresponding glitters (Bubbly collection) on half of the nail. I just did this freehand with the polish brush, no tape or anything. Then I topped with a matte top coat.

I think these colors all look really striking mattified, and it also brings out the iridescence in the glitter.

Zoya Wendy ("a juicy summer melon") topped with Zoya Alma ("a warm golden peach metallic"). Alma and Wendy are the only two of the glitter shades that don't precisely correspond with each other, but they do pair well! Wendy brings out more of the orange tones in Alma.

Zoya Rooney ("a mid-range magenta pink") topped with Zoya Binx ("a spicy orchic purple"). All of the gitter shades have gold shimmer in them, as well as the iridescent glitters that Zoya refers to as holographic in their descriptions.

Zoya Kitridge ("a classic summer bubblegum pink") topped with Zoya Harper ("a cotton candy pink"). Bubblegum and cotton candy, yum! These are really accurate descriptions for sure.

 Zoya Rocha ("a classic folly red cream") topped with Zoya Jesy ("a firey coral orange"). I don't agree at all with the description of Rocha, I think its pretty clearly orange rather than red. Maybe you could call it a red-orange. Despite that, I absolutely think that Rocha is one of the standouts of both collections. Its the first one I wanted to wear as a full mani, and my mother-in-law gave herself a mani/pedi with this too, and she doesn't even like orange! Super summery.
a classic folly red cream
a classic folly red cream

Zoya Tilda ("a warm mantis green") topped with Zoya Stassi ("a brilliant citron green"). Now here are some more favorites for me. Mantis green is a perfect way to describe Tilda. I have a lot of green polishes but I'm sure these will get a lot of use from me.
a brilliant citron green

Zoya Ling ("a vibrant royal blue") topped with Zoya Muse ("a blue raspberry holographic fizz"). These were also winners for me. Although when I think of royal blue I would tend to think of a darker blue than this. I loveddddd the way this looked matte. Bright blue polishes also always hold a special place in my heart, and these are no exception.

Zoya polishes can be purchased from for $9 each. You can also purchase the full collections (either cremes or glitters) for $54 each.

How are you wearing these collections? Layered? Alone? In nail art? Which shades did you buy or add to your wishlist?
a blue raspberry holographic fizz


  1. Your manis & photos are amazing! I really love this idea, it is great to see how they compare to each other!

  2. Oh. My.Gawd. These are crazy beautiful matted! I can't believe I haven't tried it yet! Obviously I'm going to copy you!!! :P


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