Monday, July 28, 2014

Superficially Colorful Lacquer - Life on Pandora

Hi there, lovely readers!! Today I have a super exciting summer collection from one of my favorite indie brands to share with you. I am a big fan of Superficially Colorful Lacquer, who makes some spectacular thermal polishes. For her summer release (on sale August 1st!) she has whipped up something a little different, and absolutely stunning...

 The Life on Pandora collection is made up of seven bright (I would say neon, even) holographic polishes! The polish names are all in the Na'vi language from the film Avatar.

These are so gorgeous in person guys, and the formula is spectacular. I've shown two coats without top coat in all of my swatch photos, but on a couple of these you could really get away with one coat with careful application. These dry SUPER fast, which I love. They do dry semi-matte. I didn't seem to notice much dulling of the holo properties when top coat is added, but I didn't test each polish. They are not the most in-your-face holo polishes, but the effect is definitely there and noticeable.

One more thing about this collection is that they are all black light reactive! I don't have a black light, so I couldn't photograph this for you unfortunately.

 Atokirina - "A bright holographic pink polish that represents the sacred seeds of the Tree of Souls that lives on Pandora. Atokirina is the Na’vi word for a woodsprite. A very pure and sacred spirit that represent the planet's life force." A beautiful bright pink with a bit of a cool tone to it.

Menari - "The meaning of the word is eyes. The polish is bright neon yellow with a little bit of
green undertones, inspired by the big yellow eyes of the Omaticaya people of Pandora." This one is one of my favorites. It's somewhere between yellow and chartreuse, and I love it.

Omaticaya - "The name is translates to Blue Flute Clan. It is a medium bright blue holographic polish inspired by the nationality of the people living on Pandora." This blue is divine. This is one of the ones that is almost a one coat polish.

The Sacred Tsaheylu - "An apple green holographic polish inspired by the magical connection the people of Pandora have with nature. The meaning of the word Tsaheylu in Na’vi language is bond. Neural connection." Another of my favorites, this one has one of the stronger holo effects in the collection.

Toruk Makto - "An orange holographic polish inspired by the brave rider of the Toruk – the great red-orange leonopteryx." This is the color of orange highlighters. I love it!

Tsahik - "A bright holographic orange-red polish that is inspired by Mo’at – the Tsahik of the Omaticaya clan. The Tsahìk is the spiritual leader of a Na'vi clan, and the most important female member." A beautiful coral color, also one of the ones with a stronger holo effect and can be a one coat polish if you're careful with application.

Utral Aymokriyä – Tree of Voices - "A red leaning purple holographic inspired by the special tree where the Omaticaya people can hear the voices of their ancestors." Last, but certainly not least, my clear favorite, the most amazing purple you've ever seen! It does have a bit of a fuschia/pink tone to the purple, maybe more than it looks in this photo because I was loosing my sunlight as I took this one. I love the gorgeous bright orchid shade of this polish, and it has a strong holo effect. This now has a place as one of my favorite polishes in my whole collection.

So there you have it, the amazingness that is neon holographic polishes for summer! I will be rocking these often, I think... I'm already planning some epic nail art with them! This collection is releasing August 1st, and will be available on the Superficially Colorful website. Jin's polishes retail for $9/bottle, and she ships from Israel to most of the world for very reasonable costs.

Which ones are you most interested in? I tried to type a list of my top picks just now, and I wanted to list all of them! If I could only choose two though, I would pick Utral Aymokriyä and Menari.


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