Friday, October 24, 2014

Black Dahlia Lacquer Swatches


Hi guys! Today I have some swatches from a new indie brand to share with you. The brand is called Black Dahlia Lacquer, and they have just launched at the beginning of October. I'm going to show you their Halloween duo, and 4 polishes from their Fall collection.

First up, the Halloween duo!

Flor de Muerto: "blackened jelly with purple shimmer and glass fleck, loaded with violet and copper microglitter." I've shown two coats with top coat here. The first coat goes on very sheer, but the opacity builds easily with the second coat. This one dries semi-matte, so you will need to add top coat for shine.

Queen of the Night - "black prismatic polish." This is a fairly standard blackish holographic polish. Not the most unique, but the formula was good. Shown is two coats, no top coat. As with most "black" holo polishes, this is more of a dark gray than black. The holo is fairly subtle on this one, I've shown it under direct light in the photo. You won't be able to see any of the holo flair unless you have it in direct light or sunlight.

Now moving on to the Fall 2014 polishes...

Wild Cherry Blossoms - "pink-red holo." This one is pretty. In person it looks a bit more red than my photo shows. Its one of those polishes where you sit there staring at the bottle and your nails wondering "Is it red? Is it pink?" I personally went back and forth with myself and couldn't decide. It falls squarely between the two. This is two coats, no top coat. This one has a stronger holo flair than QotN does.

Japanese Painted Fern - "brown-tinged gray shimmer with purple glass fleck". I really loved this one! I'm a sucker for grays with shimmer. I've shown two coats with top coat. Top coat is necessary with this one to bring out the shimmer a bit more.

Blooming Wysteria - "light purple crelly with medium neon green hexes, light blue squares, larger aqua hexes, and smaller turquoise and periwinkle glitter." I would describe the base of this more as periwinkle than light purple, as it does lean a bit blue. And when I was looking at the polish I thought the green glitters were yellow. Formula was nice and easy to work with. I've shown two coats with a glitter smoothing top coat. As with most glitters it will look a bit lumpy unless you use a smoothing top coat.

Olaf's Snowflowers - "cream crelly packed with multidimensional holographic gold and silver glitter." This one was another of my favorites! I couldn't manage to get a good photo of the holo glitters, but trust me when I say this is much more beautiful in person. You can see the glitters sparking a bit in the bottle, and that's what it was like on the nail too. I've shown two coats with a glitter smoothing top coat. This is going to be gorgeous for winter or holiday parties.

So there you have it, Black Dahlia Lacquer! I think this company is going to be one to watch... all their formulas were really on point and easy to work with, which is super important to me. I mean who cares if a collection has pretty colors if they are a PITA to apply, right?

Black Dahlia Lacquer can be purchased from their website, as well as their Etsy shop. Most polishes are priced at $6/bottle, with a couple of the holos at $6.75 each.

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