Monday, October 27, 2014

Superficially Colorful Lacquer Autumn Thermal Collection

 What's this? New releases from one of my favorite brands? YAY!! This is the autumn collection from Superficially Colorful Lacquer. In case you haven't seen my other posts about these polishes, these are made by my lovely friend Jin, and her signature is gorgeous thermals, although she does have other types of polishes too.

First up we have A Summer's Wave Goodbye,  "An orange leaning red when cold, that transforms into a bright light yellow when hot. As fall comes nearer we’re waving goodbye to the hot summer that’s leaving." The picture above shows the natural finish, which is a satiny matte. All of Jin's thermals have this type of finish without top coat. The rest of the photos will show polishes with top coat. All the polishes are shown with two coats.

All Fall Down - "A little game of words. Brown to orange thermal polish with golden and green shimmer and white glitter in different sizes, inspired by the autumn leaves turning brown slowly and fall down." Loveeeeee the shimmer in this one! Spectacular.

 Buried Treasures - "A dark forest green that turns into medium – light green, with green and blue shimmer and white glitter in different sizes. Inspired by the summer and spring being buried in remote places far from the eyes during the autumn and winter seasons." I love green polishes, so you know I love this one!

Unbe-leaf-able - "Another little game of words. A dark black – brown that changes into pink, with red and pink shimmer and white glitter of different sizes. A very strange combination of colors. Unbe-leaf-able." The cold color on this is more of a burgundy than a brown, in my opinion. This one positively glow though. It is truly amazing.

These polishes will be release today (10/27/14) at 12 pm EDT, on Superficially Colorful's website. Get ready to go grab some of these beauties!


  1. These are all beautiful colors! Your manis and photos are fantastic!

  2. Blue blazer looks amazing! Great shades

    Hope you can follow me back :)


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