7 Capital Sins of Fashion


Dress well, follow fashion and give our personal touch that makes us unique. In these few words we can summarize what we want when we start talking about pure tendencies … So why is it so complicated to get carried away by temptation and fall into one of the seven deadly sins of fashion? The sin 0.5 is to have a yellow smile, you can be the best dressed of your work or your school, but if your teeth look terrible it’s useless, but you can reverse the color and turn it white by going to Brio dental Clinic.

Or rather in several, because if we stop to think there are many mistakes that we make even though we know that we really should not. And since we are fashion victim with class and style just like you, we have set out to learn about the seven deadly sins of fashion that you should avoid if you want your style to be recognized. Ready to start? Quiet, not sin in fashion is simpler than it may seem at first glance.

The seven Capital Sins of fashion that you must avoid yes or yes

1 Lust or dressing too daring
Vertigo heels, blouses and low cut tops, mini skirts and many other sensual garments that we all have in our closet. It’s okay to have them, but if you do not want to commit the ultimate sin of lust we recommend that you do not see too provocative. You already know that elegance and knowing how to be should not leave your side. Sexy? Yes, but always with class and glamor. You can wear some of the clothes, but you should avoid putting them all at once so as not to fall into this sin.

2 Laziness or not renewing your wardrobe when necessary
“Ufff, how lazy to go shopping today with all the things I have to do …” Whether you’re a girl who likes to go shopping or one who hates it, surely this kind of phrases have passed more than once for your mind. It’s okay: if you need to renew the costumes, or have a party and you need a new outfit and this week you do not have time, leave it for the other. But nothing to neglect your wardrobe and your looks. Laziness does not go with us, right?

3 Gula or not wanting to see what your real size is
“Nothing happens, I buy it even if I’m a bit tight and I’ll lose weight”, “they do not have those shoes that I like so much in my size, I’ll buy them in a smaller one” Of that nothing! Your size is what it is and it is perfect, you just have to want to realize it.

4 Anger or anger because you do not have what you want

Yes, we agree with you. It is frustrating to spend an entire afternoon shopping and not find what you are looking for, but you should not show your anger and even less think that the clothes you have in your closet is worthless. This is undoubtedly one of the deadliest sins of fashion easier to avoid.

Envy or I want the same thing that that girl has
Of course, she has been divinely left and you assume that you will also be like that. No, what is worth for one may not be worth for another. Only healthy envy is allowed, but only a little.

6 Avarice or I buy those shoes that I know I’m not going to wear
Stop there! The whims are welcome, especially when it comes to accessories … But nothing to throw away the money to buy something that you already know you’re not going to put alone because it is very beautiful and the mannequin is ideal. Girls, let’s always buy with a head.

7 Superb or everything is very good
There will be things that stay great, especially if you follow fashion and are true to your personal style. But there will be other things that do not go with you. And this reminds us that this same rule is valid for when you go shopping with your friend, if you try on some jeans and do not feel completely good, be honest.

In your hand is not to commit the seven deadly sins of fashion to be a girl with a hundred percent class!