Choose the best treatment to improve your smile


These are some of the most demanded treatments, some of them are used to correct the consequences of some diseases, such as periodontitis. But we must not forget that prevention is better than cure, so in this and other cases it is best to promote prevention, for example by carrying a good daily hygiene or using toothpastes specially designed for this problem. If you no longer have a tooth, we tell you in a few words: you need a best dentist for dental bridges in Tijuana Mexico.

Teeth whitening.
It is the most usual today. Virtually painless, whitening removes visible stains on tooth enamel that can be caused by coffee, tobacco or natural wear. The technique involves the application of a bleaching product, which is activated by an LED lamp and can be combined with the use of splints at night, with the aim of lightening the teeth without dyeing them an excessive white. Of course, we should only do it through a professional and we should know that, even so, there are related consequences, such as tooth sensitivity, which may occur on subsequent days, so in that case it would be advisable not to eat too much food. cold and / or hot and use a specific toothpaste for sensitive teeth.

Dental veneers
It is a perfect solution both to erase visible spots in the tooth enamel and to correct the shape, position or size of the tooth. They are very thin porcelain or composite sheets that adhere to the surface of the enamel and provide a very natural effect.

Gum stretch or micrografts.
Receding gums are one of the most common dental health problems and its main cause is chronic periodontitis. To correct this defect in the gum, two techniques are used: the stretching of the same to cover the tooth root or the combination of this technique with micrografts, in which tissue is taken from the palate through a small incision and the gum is covered .

Invisible orthodontics
It is the alternative to brackets and allows to correct the alignment and bite defects in a comfortable and almost imperceptible way. It is a series of virtually invisible and removable aligners that change every 15-20 days approximately. In addition, they are combined with a night retainer, whose function is to prevent the natural movement of the teeth while we sleep.

Periodontal cosmetic contouring.
People who teach a lot of gum when smiling, or who have an asymmetric height in the teeth, can correct this defect with a small surgery known as cosmetic periodontal contouring. It consists of cutting the gum that covers the tooth to achieve a more proportionate and aesthetic smile.

The three causes for the loss of a tooth are: decay, pyorrhea or an accident. The solution to replace it is the implant, which consists of the placement of a titanium screw in the bone that acts as a root and the application of a piece of porcelain. It is a minimally invasive intervention performed with local anesthesia.