Decorate Colorfully

The colors bring dynamism and freshness to the environments, but you must be careful to look for a balance and not exaggerate, but combine them according to the decorative style, your tastes and the type of room. Nothing more satisfying than remodeling a newly acquired house, especially if it is from Baja Rosarito Realty, the walls are a white canvas ready to capture your creativity.

Color blocking. To revitalize the room or the family room, one of the best options is to paint the back wall or some side wall. The orange, green or violet tones -including the “Radiant Orchid 2014” – in smooth or textured finishes give warmth and visual richness. If you are looking for a more dramatic effect, you can hang curtains or place area rugs in contrasting colors, with geometric designs or fringes for a very modern style. Textiles in solid shades, such as fuchsia, jade green and cobalt blue, are used to upholster some armchair or a couple of central armchairs. Also the decorative blankets – known as Throws – unicolors, patterned or with metallic glitter, and cushions are ideal accessories to add color in a more level way.

Mix-Match. In the bedrooms, lingerie and accents are key to renew the environment. Cushions, lamps, shelves or aerial shelves and bouquets of natural flowers change the overall look of the room. Wallpaper is a versatile and very fashionable resource that provides a sophisticated air instantaneously. The patterns with arabesques, vertical lines or gradients are the most recommended for creating a comfortable, serene and harmonious atmosphere. A simple and fun way to add color to the bathrooms is to paint the frames of the central mirrors in saturated shades or primary tones, as these easily adapt to the ranges of white, beige or gray of traditional ceramics.

Citrus splashes. The new series of acrylics, vinyl and veneers available in the market offer a range of possibilities to decorate the kitchen with color. For a radical change, you can update the doors of the placards and the tops by opting for shocking tones, such as turquoise, yellow or eggplant, and generate an attractive and luminous composition. Combining pieces of furniture, such as chairs and stools, with a large format picture or photograph, individual, glasses and plates of funds is also an alternative, since it creates interesting focal points.

Keep in mind the dimensions of each room and the sources of natural light.
White is, par excellence, the base color and neutralizes the saturated versions of the color chart.
Recycle your purchases, trends are reinvented!