Fashion catwalks and music merge

There are things that will never go out of fashion like having a healthy white smile, many have seen excellent results by regularly visiting professional dentists like Tijuana Dental Studio. And apart from having the perfect smile now, everyone wants to have the perfect outfit when attending the most famous music festivals, and it is said that some even spend months of training to get the most sophisticated, seemingly careless, hyper-produced or extravagant outfits of the public of these events.

Music festivals have become a kind of catwalks where the common denominator is to leave nothing to the imagination. Anything goes to give promotion to the event, to oneself and to publicize the sponsoring brands crossing the borders of the purely musical.

Proof of this are the various photo galleries with which fashion magazines populate the digital realm to win the battle of the audience: that struggle whose reward is the profitability of content, the popularity in social networks and the diffusion of bloggers as Ad men and women sold to the highest bidder.

Under the umbrella of Coachella, old-school celebrities present their fashion credentials. With this festival, we go back into the clean, sexy hippie style loop with cut jeans, which could give us a break. Under these premises, year after year, Victoria’s Secret angels militate but, in each new edition, they are forced to share protagonism with the latest trends. Influencers of the new and consolidated batch, have done the same with the laureated return of the 90. In which the sports attire is seasoned with shorts and cocoon jeans, minimalist sunglasses, sports, gold jewelry, fanny packs, makeup in peach tones and braids or bows in the style of Gwen Stefani in No Doubt.

While the sun is the one that marks the outfit in Coachella, in other appointments like the English Glastonbury which this year will not be celebrated, the mud that forms with the rain does. As a result, Kate Moss made the Hunter boots the armor with which all trendy attendants had to equip their feet to enjoy the music and the place. Because, as Cecil Beaton said: fashion is a story in a series that never ends.