Fatal Errors of Microblading

It is a trend and the truth is that the result is spectacular. You get perfectly designed eyebrows and with such 3D effect that no one will believe that they are not yours. But although this semi-permanent makeup has become very fashionable and its advantages are many, it is very important to know in whose hands you are putting your eyebrows. Maybe what you really need to increase your beauty is a beautiful smile, it is less risky and more durable with ProDent for teeth whitening Tijuana, everyone will notice your white smile.

That’s why today we wanted to ask Aroa Macía, the microblading expert at the Carmen Navarro centers, everything we should consider before deciding.

If you do not want to end with rainbow eyebrows, take care with the pigment
The one that must be used is approved and have the corresponding health records. Ask them to show you these pigments or tell you the brand they are going to use. They should always come in monodose of 2 or 3 milliliters, which guarantees their sterility. But in addition to being a health issue, it is fundamental if you do not want to end with blue or orange eyebrows as has traditionally happened with the technique of micropigmentation. Being a superficial technique, after a few months the color that was initially brown turns blue. Do not trust who uses black color because it is forbidden within the microblading technique.

Your eyebrows frame you, but do not leave a picture made
It is essential that you perform a correct eyebrow design before starting the treatment. If they do not, you can end up with a result that spoils your expression or that does not fit your face. Authentic professionals have tools to make this design and must show it before starting treatment.

Do not trust offers and prices that are too cheap
It is easy to find people on the internet and social networks who travel even to your home and charge for microblading at a great price, including the displacement and retouching that must be done after a month. It is materially impossible if you are using approved and professional materials. In such a specific and delicate treatment, you can not risk it.

Do not get micropigmentation by microblading
Many women end up asking for help because of the result, because they were literally deceived. Both techniques work the design of eyebrows, but evidently their modus operandi is different. Only microblading is done by hand and achieve a natural result with 3D effect.

Get informed and ask all the necessary questions
Get informed before choosing the right place. Look for places of reference and if the professional is an expert in eye design and especially in microblading, the better. You should know that anyone, although not a professional in the sector, can get a degree with a course of only 2 days. This is something that should make you reflect. Do not forget that small cuts are made in your eyebrow to deposit the pigment. It is a technique that looks as natural as possible. Getting an eyebrow with 3D effect requires a lot of dexterity. If you do not put yourself in the right hands, you can make a mistake that you will regret. You have to trace hair by hair and know in which direction to do it so that there is no comic eyebrow.

Having said that, you should know that a retouch is always done after a month and that after a year it is advisable to make a revision to get your eyebrows with the desired effect. With time, the pigment disappears and we would have the original eyebrow again. Who cares if it hurts, it is true that it bothers, but it is something completely bearable. The first days it is recommended not to sunbathe and 100% pure Vaseline is used to heal better.