Autumn Trends That Arrived to Stay

Although they have resisted some weeks, the low temperatures have come to stay this autumn, which can make us find a closet full of summer dresses and season clothing, but  the adequate to not be cold. Although the tendencies are for all bodies, it is undeniable that some look better than others, especially thin people, if you want to be from the group of people that everything looks good you can use the slow option, exercise, or fast option a weight loss surgery with A Slimmer Me Tijuana Mexico.

So that the change of season does not catch you by surprise, we give you some keys that will make it easier for you to have hanging on the hangers of your wardrobe long pants, jackets, sweaters or coats and all the clothes that are trend in this new autumn season- winter.

If these days you go shopping, you will see that many of them have the so-called ‘mid season sales’, in which brands offer discounts of up to 50% on some of their products.

Animal Print

There is no doubt that the revolution of shop windows this season has been the ‘animal print’. This trend, which is based on wearing animal print on any garment you can imagine, has flooded the stores. Although the leopard is the predominant, others like the snake, cow and zebra are increasingly present in ‘bikers’, shoes, bags or lingerie tops.

Military boots

The military style will continue to be strong this season, and, in this way, the ‘combat boots’ are the indispensable trend for this fall. It is a timeless basic of a more casual and informal nature, designed for very different situations that can be combined with a dress on sunny days and can also become your biggest ally on rainy days.

There are for all tastes and styles, and you will be able to find a wide variety in almost all brands.

Day sequins

No need to wait for Christmas and celebrations to incorporate sequins in your looks. Recycling sequins during the rest of the year has become a must for going to work, going out to dinner or even more informal events.

Previously, garments with brightness were limited to the night and now, combined with some basic, are also included in day looks.

Brown color

The most sought-after hair color this season is the ‘cold brew’, also called cold coffee. It is not a color in itself, but it has the inspiration of golden and brown tones that reflect the color combination of this hot drink.

This range of shades fits any type of hair and texture, and you can adapt it to your taste, from shades more golden to more reddish.