Signs That Reveal That You’re Not a Young Girl

Life is full of cycles, some cheerful, others stormy, some with more grief than glory, but all full of learning.

Sometimes they are difficult to notice because of the excess of work that you have, so here we leave some signs that indicate that you are already an adult.

1.- You start worrying about the expenses. Do you remember your first job? It did not matter what you spent your salary, now the fortnight comes and you start doing accounts. Since you are bigger and you have to worry about your expenses and your health if you have a strange pain in a tooth you have to go with your dentist for a root canal in Tijuana with Via Dental.

2.- The children call you ma’am. Of course it is not to our liking, but the reality is that they also do it in the transport or in the store.

3.- Form a family. The thought of having children terrified you, but now they do not seem like such an unpleasant idea

4.- You worry more about others. “Send me message when you arrive”, “Do you call me?”, “Are you okay?” If any of these questions sound like you, we can confirm that you are growing.

5.- You feel the greatest in all the parties. After 25, the options to go out and have fun are reduced considerably, and almost all the other girls are younger than you at parties.

6.- The body does not resist the same. The raw ones every time they feel more severe or of plane they do not make you want to drink.

7.- You start to be interested in decorations and furniture for the home. As the years go by, the home section of shopping centers becomes terribly attractive to us.

8.-You start to take care of your diet. You know that if you exceed fat, fat; if you eat a lot spicy you will not endure gastritis; if you eat sweet things you run the risk of suffering from diabetes like your grandparents; If you eat salt, you may have pressure problems. In short, food is one of the issues that most concern you today.

9.- The people on television are younger than you. Surely, when you were a teenager, you saw Adela Noriega, Daniela Castro, Ludwika Paleta, Fernando Colunga, Jorge Salinas, Sergio Sendel, Segio Basañez, among others as the protagonists of the telenovelas. Now, when you turn on the TV you do not know any.

10.- Having an apartment and car is no longer a luxury, now it is a necessity.