Tips For Not Choosing The Wrong Masseuse

When you need a dental treatment for example dental implants Tijuana, you try to go with the best dentist specialized in dental implants in the city because you know that it is something very important and must be well done. Well, your skin is also essential, so below we give you the advice to choose the best masseuse or spa, so you avoid infections or other problems.

A professional massage should be done on a conditioned stretcher or a professional chair. But the towel on the sand is never a recommendable situation. It is an irregular surface due to the mounds of sand on which the towels extend. Body manipulation in these conditions increases the risk of injury.

Given the irregularity of the terrain, which makes some muscles have to work more than others to maintain posture, a body that has been lying on the sand for some time has muscle fatigue. In such conditions, an intense massage given by a non-professional on a tired muscle can cause serious injuries.

False professionals without qualifications or knowledge
We put ourselves in the hands of people who lack any degree and therefore no knowledge of human anatomy, at least as to give this type of massage, which tends to be very intensive. They apply the pressure on the muscles without any knowledge, and if the member they manipulate has some type of injury previously, this is likely to worsen.

It must also be borne in mind that a massage should not be performed if there is an infectious or tumoral process in one area, as well as fever, hernias or acute injuries. It is also not advisable if medications such as anticoagulants are taken, since aggressive maneuvers generate the possibility of creating bruises due to capillary rupture.

They can accent existing injuries
The masseurs can inappropriately press on herniated discs and areas with degenerative problems of the joints in people over 40 years olds, which can aggravate chronic lesions or cause muscle or tendon elongations that oblige us, then yes, to go to the consultation of a professional physiotherapist.